"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Living A Fulfilled Life

Let's be frank, 
many of us feel under-fulfilled in our daily lives. 
The lives and achievements of those around us always seem more exciting and meaningful. Our lives never seem to be anything compared to others. We are always looking for the next thrill and always begging for attention not to talk of a pat in the back. 
Of course, this becomes a vicious cycle.  After thrill, comes that plunge into emptiness and the fear of living a thrill-less life. 

Sounds familiar right? It does because most of us go through this. In fact, only few people really live a life of fulfillement. Now don't get it twisted, by fulfilment, I do not mean extravagant achievements and high end projects, I mean living a meaningful life where you feel totally satisfied with what you're doing and at the pace you're going. And this has nothing to do with age either. You don't have to wait for 80 before experiencing fulfilment in your life. And this does not have to do with your chances in life. It's not because you earn a lot of zeros that you will necessarily feel fulfilled. 
A simple life can be a fulfilling life. 

Here are a few truths & tips to help you get started >>>

1. Do not wait on people to make you happy.
Majorly stressed truth that is still hard to put into practice. Waiting on others to make us happy is a very bad place to be because nobody can really make you happy if you are first not happy with yourself.

2. Do what makes you happy.
Remember the things that make you laugh or stare in wonder and do those things more often. Do not wait for others to surprise you or put a smile on your face! Take initiatives for YOU and go make it happen even if it means you will do it alone. It's fine! While you are doing you, you never know what precious souls you may find on the same path as you. Everything in due time.

3. Do what you want others to do to you.
We so want to be loved but are we loving others? You want to laugh? Make it a priority to make others laugh. 
You want to feel like your life matters? Remind someone how valuable they are. Loving others and serving others is a fulfilling task all by itself and in fact, we have been called by God, who first loved us by giving His only son, to love others [Romans 13:8-10].

4. Be content with your own calling, aspirations and journey.
We all do it: compare ourselves with others but doing so only slows us down. We need to accept the fact that we are all on unique journey and no two realities are ever the same. No two lives, have the same purpose so why should things work out the same way for you and the next person?

5. Be content with how far you've come.
Do not look down on your process or overlook your progress. Use what you have and what you have learnt to go harder and do better!

6. Be accepting of and patient with yourself. 
Give yourself time! We are all learning and life is a process. We all have goals but be realistic about them. Rome wasn't built in a day and success isn't either.

7. Never do anything for anybody's approval. 
Last but not least.
If you do anything for anybody's praise, you will be slave to them! Free yourself from that care of "who sees" and "what people may say" and go on and soar!


  1. Thanks for that.I havent visited blogger in a while but its good to see these reminders. Im learning at the moment to practise number 1 so thanks for reminding:)

    1. It's my pleasure sis! Glory be to God! So glad to see you here :)

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I am glad I found it. Definitely a blessing to all Women of God

    1. Glory be to God sis.
      I am so happy it was of help :)


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