"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Friday, October 30, 2015

Soul Food: The 4 Key Elements To Success

How are you doing? Before I begin today's post, I'd like to just say a big thank you to all those that have held out with me on the blog through thick and thin. I've had a number of hiatus over the past year or so but it's good to be back at it again. Thank you for your support, love and prayers! I appreciate you all <3!
I also wanted to let you know that I am interested in what you would like to see on the blog! So let me know what you'd like to hear more about: food, hair, skincare, fashion? Just let me know, either by directly replying to this post or shooting me an email! And if you have specific topics and questions, all the better! Just let me know Ok?!

Now to today's gist. I was reading 1 Kings 4 a few days ago and I discovered some great tips. Now I know what y'all thinking, Kings? Isn't that the part of the Bible filled with genealogies and names we can barely pronounce? Well, not entirely. Sometimes, we let our familiarity with certain parts of the Bible blind us from the treasures they hold.

Check this out: in 2 Kings 4:1-7, we find a very familiar story about the widow that had her husband's debt to take care of and went to Elisha, the prophet of God, for help because the creditor was threatening to take her two sons away to fill the debt. Well, while reading this chapter, I learnt that there are 4 key elements to make any business, project or even academic endeavour a success. Here goes:

1. Use the ressources God has given you (the jar of olive oil in the story). Most times, we search and search for THE thing to propel us forward or THE person to hook us up to success but all the while, the main ingredient is under your very hold! You just have to change your focus. So the hardest part of this phase is actually identifying our ressources. It could be something physical like something earned, bought or inherited, like your savings, or something that's totally not physical like knowledge or talent. It could be anything as long as it's yours and you have the control over it.

2. Use the ressources God has placed in your entourage (the jars form the neighbors in the story). Again, the hardest step is actually identifying the ressources that are around. It could be the ressources in your environnement such as free classes in your neighborhood or a beautiful city if photography is your endeavour.  It could also be the ressources in those around you, such as their talents or their time. But before you get it twisted, this does not mean using people. It means reaching out for help. To really get anywhere in life, we need other people. Nobody is an island. However a lot of people go halfway around the world asking for help when they have gems in their entourage. This requires being humble, opening your eyes to see and appreciate the unicity in those around you. It might even require a change of perpective sometimes.
 So to get connected with the ressources of those around you, you need to genuinely go to your friends and family and explaining to them your situation, dream or project and how they can help. If they choose to, great, take their help, do not be proud. If they refuse, keep knocking, others are sure to help! 

3. Be hard working (the widow kept pouring in the story, she could have stopped earlier but she didn't). I guess I don't really need to stress this one because of how obvious it is. You can have all the ressources in the world but without hard work, you will produce nothing. This is your input. There is no output (results) without input. Determination and discipline are key to keep pushing! And keeping your eyes (focus) on your goal will keep you motivated!

4. Above all, crown your efforts with faith (the widow believed the man of God that when she poured she would have a continual flow of oil). Have faith in what you are doing (what God has placed in you and around you) and God's plan. If you feel Him pulling your efforts in the opposite direction to where you are going, then follow and if you feel He is telling you to do this or that, then do it and have faith that results will come! Without faith, quite frankly, you'd be like a kid that was obeying it's parents, just to prove them wrong that their way is not the solution. You'd actually be doing whatever you're doing half-heartedly (this would also directly affect your results) or you would just not go the way God is leading which would not be your best bet. 

Whatever you are doing, just keep going ;)


  1. I love the first and second one.We always forget whats around and in us.Good one!

  2. I really love your last tip. If God is pulling you in a different direction, go there.
    There are many times where I have felt God pulling me in a different direction and because He was the one that pulled me to my current situation, I get confused as to whether it is God leading me again or not. But now I know that God does not give me all of the directions at once. Sometimes He leads me to certain places just for me to learn something. Sometimes those places are not my final destination, so when it is time to move on I have to move on. It is definitely worth it to listen to God.


  3. The first and then last tips, awesome! I guess the woman never thought that her little crucible of oil would pay her bills and feed her. Same way we never really look at what we already possess that could be the next best business idea.



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