"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, September 28, 2015

Favorite Basic Summer Pieces

Hi guys!

So autumn is officially here. After years of vowing to forever prefer the colder months, I am slowly starting to shift my preference towards spring and summer. Yes, I shall miss summer. More so that I will be spending the first part of winter in good ol' Canada. 

Summer, you have caught my heart! What's not to like? Warm sun, sandy beaches, road trips, barbecues till late, t-shirts, colorful accessories, bright lipstick, mocassins, maxi dresses and more!

Well, to commemorate summer as we we begin to embrace autumn, I'd like to share some of my favorite pieces from last summer.

the white tee: I have always loved the white t-shirt but I fell in love with it all over again during the summer. There is something chic and casual about a white tee all at once. Paired with some old jeans or some palazzo pants, it can complement any look. And whether you spice it up with some bold jewellery or tone it down with some nude lipstick, it never gets old.
My all time favorite tees this summer was purchased in Zara. This tee is so soft and comfortable! This is another reason I love white tees. Most times, it are just THAT comfortable top that makes you feel dressed up without all the tralala of actually really being  dressed up.

the gold chain: a classic really. The gold chain has been omnipresent with the history of fashion itself. I remember my mom making sure baby sis and I always had a gold chain sitting comfortably on our chests before stepping out the door for an occasion right from a very early age. I even have baby pictures with a gold chain! After a "no-gold-jewellery" phase that lasted my teenage years, I fell in love with gold jewellery again and now, my favorite go to gold jewellery is my gold chain. It can be worn over any outfit to achieve any look. Casual to classy, you decide.

the V top: I had never been a fan of V top. I'd always felt awkward in them so I'd always stayed away and never really bothered going near them. but lo and behold, I decided to try this cute top that was on sales in Mango and bam! Love at first try. I went home and dug out one or two other V tops just lying around in my wardrobe and made them work. A V top can add character to any look. Throw it on some old black jeans for a night out and your outfit is suddenly transformed. The effect of a V top is so strong it does not need bold jewellery to compliment it.

the maxi dress: the maxi dress was an absolute staple for me during the heat that raged through Europe this last summer. Good for any occasion, a maxi dress helps you stay cool while staying stylish. My favorites are black ones because they can be worn with any type of accessory and deliver a bold look.

espadrilles: another rediscovery! Espadrilles are comfortable, versatile and just fun! They come in different colors and designs so  you never get bored. I believe they are especially good for those that get that "long feet" effect when wearing normal flat shoes (I'm one of them) and they are much more comfortable than flats.

Now to fold these away and see what next summer will bring. Next stop, coat shopping. Does anyone have a coat to recommend me to battle the   cold in Canada? 

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