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- Psalms 27 : 1

Friday, May 15, 2015

Spring Hair & Facial Routine

My hair and facial routine have endured a lot of changes these past months. I have gone from working with high maintenance regimens to adopting a very minimalistic styled routine. 

Hair after shaving my hair last January 2014, I enjoyed a long hiatus of many months from styling my hair or implementing a strict hair routine. My hair has been responding positively. After wearing it in a shrunken afro for nearly 12 months, it has now attained the length where I cannot afford to just let it be anymore. Seeing it grow again has reminded me of how stubborn they can get. 

wash day...
I try to wash my hair at least once every two weeks but even I cannot attest to the fact that I follow this rule religiously. The reason why is that at the end of the day, I always try to be attentive to the state of my hair. I sometimes wash it more often than planned or less often than desired. At the ends of the day, what really matters to me are not rules but healthy hair. I also wash in parts now since my hair has grown to keep knots at bay and to make wash day of the day, what really matters to me are not rules but healthy hair.
I mostly co-wash and rarely shampoo. As a deep-conditioner I use rhassoul clay. My hair loves that stuff. It's all I need for smooth, moisturized and stretched hair for days.

I style with my leave in conditioner and hair butters. I moisturize daily with my spray and try to keep it simple. I barely manipulate my hair. Not only do I not have the time for that but it's also what works best for my hair. 
Before bed, I put my hair in twists most of the time to protect them and prepare for the next day.

Of course with natural hair comes flexibility. What works today often does not quite work out the same another day so I am really trying to be flexible with what my hair needs.

Face My facial routine has suffered the most. These days, all I do is wash my face in the morning with honey. Use my toner to cleanse and protect it. Then moisturize with some olive oil. At night, I wash with natural castle soap before using my toner. Then I apply some olive oil for moisture. I also use my cleansing oil when removing make up before washing. Apart from that, I do nothing else. I have totally stopped using masks, something my skin used to thank me for. And instead of avocado or kukui oil, I am using olive oil. I need to get back in the game, I know.

These are my current routines. They are definitely going to be changing soon, especially my facial one but for now, they're doing the job fine.

What are your hair & facial routines?

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