"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Soul Food : Be The Light


"You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden" - Matthew 5 : 14

How many times have we been told this? Anyone and everyone that have passed through the doors of a church have heard this, or at least, something pertaining to it. We shout "hallelujah" when the Pastor proclaims it and immediately we leave the church, we are back to business as usual. We find ourselves overwhelmed with our daily lives and helpless before the troubles of those around us. Then we ask ourselves, "aren't I supposed to be the light?". If anything, we are far from shining. 
We've all been here before. The question is, why is this?

Firstly, let us get this straight: the only reason we shine is because we have Christ in us, and Christ is that light. 
Our real responsibility is building on & showing off that light. There is no doubt Christ shines in us, all we have to do is shine it! As Matthew 5:14 says, "a town built on a hill cannot be hidden", meaning, something bright cannot be hidden, yet we go about life barely sparking.

Now that we've established those points, we can say the reason we as Christians do not shine as we are supposed to is:

1. we do not fan the flame

2. something is covering our light

For the first point, to fan the flame, we need a constant relationship with Christ. It is not enough to give our lives at the altar and walk away. We need to continually fan the flame, that is, feed our spirit self and build on the foundation through prayer, the Word and time spent in fellowship with brethren. Unfortunately, just like in a dying fire, many of us today only have embers left of our once burning fire making it very hard to shine in this world. The only way to keep that light going, is to continue to build on it.

Secondly, we do not shine because we cover up our light with the desires, cares, fears and passions of this life. Just like in the parable of the sower (Matthew 13) these things overwhelm us and choke us up making us unable to shine or show off God's light at all. Slowly, as a result, they quench our fire and our the light slowly dies down.

We are the light, yes but we have a responsibility to keep that light shining. Shining is not a physical exercise that can be done in the flesh and it's certainly not keeping up appearances, it's all about being the solution, the avant-gardists, the lovers, the peace-makers & hope-givers in this dark, twisted, cruel and confused world.

Shine your light


  1. Wow, so beautifully written. I love the points that you have raised. On point. God bless you. May His wisdom continue to shine through you.
    Tell the World

  2. É bom vir ao seu blog, ver e ler o que está publicando,parabéns por partilhar seus pensamentos, desde já le agradeço pelos textos
    com que nos presentei-a,e posso dizer que tem aqui um blog muito agradável,
    desejo que continue de saúde e com muita paz.
    Deixo as minhas saudações, com desejo de muitas felicidades.
    Sou António Batalha.


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