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- Psalms 27 : 1

Friday, July 4, 2014

Natural Hair & Chlorine {Replay}

Going to the pool and warm summer months go hand in hand. However, we often forget about our hair before taking the dive. Swimming pools are filled with chlorine to avoid bacterial colonisation or any such infectious organisms. But though it's effective at keeping the pool water clean, chlorine can be very damaging to our hair. I wrote a post on chlorine and natural hair a few years back but the issue is still relevant so I'm taking up the subject again. 
Let's take a look at a few tips on how to avoid chlorine damage while having fun.


1. Wet your hair with non chlorine water
2.Moisturize your hair with your favorite water - based moisturizer. A leave in conditioner could be the best thing to use

3. Seal your hair with a sealant. Try using a butter or heavy oil

4. Add some conditioner in your hair

5. Before stepping into the pool, wet your hair with non chlorine water. By doing this, your hair won't easily soak up the chlorine water

6. If possible, wear a cap but following the other steps should be enough.


1. Rinse your hair abundantly with non chlorine water

2. Wash with shampoo. A cleansing shampoo would be great. You can also use a clay or powder to thoroughly cleanse your hair.

3. Deep condition your hair or cowash depending on how much moisture your hair needs

4. Detangle your hair. Chlorine water can cause tangled hair so be sure to detangle your hair with conditioner.

5. An ACV rinse is always effective for thorough cleansing. Try one at the end of your wash.

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