"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Friday, June 13, 2014

What's Fab : My Favorite Things {at the moment}

Hi! Summer has gone into full blown mode here and as seasons change, so do our practices...We do enjoy different things as seasons change. Today's post is about my favourite things, right now. I am enjoying life to the fullest right now, in the simplest of ways. Simplicity has always had a special place in me. I love simple things, but I am far from being a simple person (and mind you, I don't ever want to be). Through the years, I have come to see simplicity has one of the many patterns woven in the fabric of my life. To enjoy life to a certain degree, I believe, you have to dwell not on the complexity of life but take it all in through the simple things.

high wasted pants - oh give me a pair of high wasted pants any day and I'm good to go. I especially prefer them when the ends {awkwardly} they sit on my ankles. They are very versatile kind of pants - tuck in or not. Sophisticates, classy, fun and reminiscent of the {good old days of the} old school, You can wear these to any occasion if you know what you're doing. 

plain t-shirts - I fell in love with plain tees last year and have never looked back since. Fun, light and wearable to anything - why not? I especially love my white tee. The white tee can be worn to any bottom and can even be made into a sophisticated look - when done properly. I believe every girl should have at least one plain tee in her wardrobe, especially a white one.

the book of corinthians - learning about love, giving and the practical Christian life in this packed book. One thing I love about brother Paul is this : he never held back but said what had to be said even if it hurt.

sharpie pens - these babies have been my study buddies. Fun and does what it says. My study posters have gone through food, drink and drool (who has never fallen asleep while studying?) abuse but the colours of these wonder pens have never faded or budged.

cream converse - this was my birthday gift to me last year and it has been a love story since. These babies have my back no matter the outfit. They helped me fall back in love with converse shoes.

earring-less ears - never thought I could walk out with out earrings but I have been doing so more and more and loving it. God is helping me understand more and more that beauty is really on the inside and He i shelling me remove all the insecurity I have been covering myself with for years.

bracelets - naked wrists, I prefer not. I love them in small beads, dark-colored and with a statement to make. My favorite right now is this piece from Hands Of Grace Handmade jewellery. The gifted founder of this wonderful business gave me this unique piece for my birthday (go on and check out her blog. You will be blessed) and it reminds me that I am carried on the Almighty's winds and I will continue to soar in every area of my life by His grace.

MAC Diva lipstick - last but not least is my last MAC find. I was hesitant about getting it at first after a colleague told me about it because it came in the matte finish. But I decided to get it since my REVLON all time fave has been discontinued. It comes really close to it (without the cream finish and chromatic effect) but it's a good runner up. I love the way matte lipstick sits on your lip. It is really drying to my lips but a bit of lip balm corrects that issue. What do you think?

What are your faves loves?

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