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- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Weight Loss Diaries : #2 Running With Your Goals


In this post, we established the first step to attaining your weight loss goal and set the rules and goals required for starting the journey. In today's post, we are going to be talking about how to keep those goals you have set.  

Before you evening try to start working on your goals, first things first: you are going to need to draw out a plan, strategize on how you're going to work with your goals. This strategy should answer this question : how do I work towards my weight loss goal in the context of my every day life?

To answer this question :
1. Firstly, you need to identify your resources and the possible obstacles that might be a challenge to you attaining your goals.

Before we go on, let me just give you the two things that are absolutely essential to attaining any goal: discipline & consistency.
Without these, you can say goodbye to your goals. Your resources can help you to be discipled and consistent but your obstacles are more likely to lead you the other way. One of the biggest reasons most give up or do not even bother to try (and I should know because it used to be mine) to work towards their weight loss goals or desires is because they feel their goals are incompatible with their every day life. I've heard some people say they'll wait till they are on vacation before trying to loose weight. And I'm asking myself, and after that? Are you going to put it all on again? I ask that questions because it is only by changing personal habits that weight loss goals can last not by applying short term solutions.
If you are one of those that are willing to take up the challenge of loosing weight but feel your lifestyle will not let you, well you need to do what I've stated above : identify your resources and your obstacles. 

2. Now that you've done that, you need to begin to work on strategies that will help you use your resources as a medium to attain your goals and help you surmount your obstacles.

3. The next step now is to put into practice your strategies. However, to apply them you'll need the two ingredients I stated above : discipline and consistency. These are the two elements that will help you unlock your goals. 
Discipline because you have to actively work towards your goals by replacing your old habits with new ones. 
Consistency because it is the only thing that can bring about substantial and durable change.
Sometimes, as time goes on, you may need to improve or totally remove some strategies you may have set for yourself either because they are no longer relevant or they are too difficult to work with. 

This is what working towards your goals is all about.

Here is a practical example of what I stated above:

1. Long term goal : Loose excess weight put on during the winter

Short term goal : stop eating between junk food between meals

2. Resources
Nearby fresh fruit & vegetable market
Love cooking
Enjoy fresh fruit

Busy schedule -> meal skipping
-> no time to cook
Nearby fast food restaurant
Lack of healthy recipe ideas

Strategies :
Take time to eat each meal of the day -> reduces eating between meal
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables when hungry in between meals instead of junk food
Pack food from home
Find healthy recipes online
Cook once a week and freeze the rest for the rest of the week
Avoid "famished" sensation before eating (-> can lead to lack of self control)
Avoid going out to eat (at restaurants) with colleagues on lunch break

3. Disciplinary measures : Add one strategy every two weeks.
Consistency : must stick to every successful strategy added

Hope that example brings it to life for you. Hold on to your goals and run with them! Keep up the good work.



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