"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, June 16, 2014

Letters Of Encouragement : Looking Up

Two months ago, I wrote a post about what really living was all about {are you really living?} and it was then that by God's grace, I started to realize just how much we go about in life with our heads buried in our lives and barely catch a glimpse of what what life is really about. I also realized it's not a conscious decision we make but are pulled along with the crowd even without realizing it but it's only farther down the road that we look back and ask ourselves what we'd really been doing all this time.

This question comes from a lack within. Just like C.S Lewis rightly states, man is a machine made to run on a particular sort of fuel. He likened us to cars. Cars cannot run on anything else but what it was made to run on. If another source of fuel is used, the car will eventually break down. It's exactly the same thing with man. In our case, we were made to run on God. When I read this in one of C.S Lewis' books, it really hit home. So when we try to run on another sort of fuel, the machine cannot function properly or at all. When we try to do things in a different way from what God had purposed, we start to malfunction. That's why most of us just can't get enough out of life - because we are not living it right. 

To really grasp the profound beauty, vulnerability and tragedies of life, we need to look up. Look up from our own precious every day routine, from our own preoccupations, from our own needs, from business as usual, from our comfort zone, from our self-centred, it's-all-about-me world. Man was never meant to live on an island called himself. Man was made to be in continual interaction with his environment (Genesis 2: 15). You might be saying, but we are in continual interaction everyday with different people and the things around us, but it is possible to be around other people and things and still live on that island called self. Unfortunately, that is the reality of most today. We are so caught up in us, we barely see the needs of others staring us in the face. We hear and fail to listen. We stare and still do not see. We perceive but do not understand. We are not tuned in.

There is really more to life than what is contained in the perimeter of our lives. So much more. And with that realization comes this one : there is so much to give and to be doing. That's when the machine called man will start to function properly and start doing what it was made to do. No wonder riches, wealth and fame are not enough to bring fulfilment, joy and peace. Man was not made to run on those things (alone). It's only when he starts doing what he was designed and built to do, can he begin to start running right, that is, being in optimum condition.

Start looking up. Start living.


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