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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Natural Hair ABCs : My Night Routine


My night routine has been reviwed and updated so many times there was a time i believe i did n't  have one anymore. However, mow I've been religiously following a new night routine now that has been working great for me, in fact the results are uaeallelles compared to my past night routines. Before i spell it out, let's look into the WHY we need a night routine.

A night routine, for any natural, is essential. It's just as important as your daily routine. It helps to protect the hair, maintain it and prepare it for the next day. The main goals of a night routine are:
Protection : from friction while sleeping
Moisture : keeping the hair moisturized over night and preparing it for the next day
Tangle free : an effectuve night routine will keep tangles away and make the next day's styling session a breeze

A good night routine also helps to keep the hair stretched for a fresh new style om the morrow. Generally, a really good night routine helps decrease the time spent on styling the hair in the next day and most importantly, helps maintain the hair at it's best. Most naturals shy away from a night routine because of the see ingly demand of time. However, what is lost in your night routine is gained on the next day. What's more, a night routine does not have to take 15 minutes, infact, my night routine only takes 5 minutes at most.

Now let's get down to the deets. With my night routine, I get 4 things :
2. Stretch
3. Protection
4. No tangles

What I use

2. My ULTIMATE Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner but I only use it when my hair is really dry

3. Any one of my 3 Arewa NATURALS' hair butters

4. My satin bonnet/scarf

Though I listed the hair butters in oncreasing order of preference, each butter has it's own unique properties and I choose the one to use according what qmy hair needs

What I do:
1. I lightly spray my hair with the Marshmallow & Malva Daily Moistirizer until it is damp. I do not drench my hair with it not only because it is not necessary but because my hair will not dry in time for the next day and whats more, it will make it hard for the butters to truly penetrate or and coat the hair.
2. If I'm using the ULTIMATE Leave In Conditioner, I use it after the spray and before the butters for an optimal moisturizing session. I use a very small amount to avoid weighing down the hair.
3. A this point, I divide my hair in 4-6 sections. I then apply a bitof hair butter to each section before twisting or braiding the section. 

I then go ahead to put on my satin bonnet/scarf and I'm all done and ready for bed!

Everything takes 3-5  minutes maximum however, this night routine has been keeping my hair moisturized, lustruous, protected and stretched everyday. At first it took discipline but right now it has become part of my daily routine and it is well worth it. 

Tips for an effective night routine:
1. Use the products in the right order to have the rigt effect
2. Have in mind what you are going to do to your hair on the next day. Your night routine should prepare your hair for whats to come. For example, of you want to wear a bun on the next day, you'd need your hair to be stretched. In that case, big twists would be best
3. Listen to your hair needs and adjust your products and their quantities as needed


  1. they also work well for mi

  2. why butter instead of oil? I ask because I have thin, fine hair

    1. Hi Anon. I use butters because they work much better than oils on my hair. However, oils are just fine and are also great sealants. Try oils if you have fine hair.

  3. I need to start doing this.


    1. Try it! It doesn't even take me up to five minutes :)

  4. I found your blog, and I'm very happy, because you're Nigerian as well!
    love your blog



    1. Hi beatrice! thank you for passing by! Welcome to the blog.
      I'm also always excited to meet new Nigerians ;)

  5. Lovely blog you got here Funbi.
    Love what you are doing.
    The picture you used for this post is quite funny, the shadow in the background gives the impression the lady/model has a cleft lip. :D I am not laughing though!

  6. Love love this blog, thank God you are Nigerian. I am new here,hi! I am a 4c. Quick question sis, is it okay for me to pour water on my hair when bathing? I am currently not doing that and I really want to. My regime is just leave-in conditioner, I'm going to add extra virgin olive oil for sealing...do you think that is okay? Big chop was December 2013. Thanks.


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