"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What She Wore : Day Out


How is everyone doing? I trust fine!

Well, on my end, it's been pretty sunny & hot. No complaints but the heat has been quite drying to my hair. So drying that it causes serious shrinkage and all I end up doing with my hair are puffs and pin ups. I have resorted to serious measures to counter this though...Anyway, this summer, I've made some serious efforts to go out more. My past summers have always been busy [and this one is not any different], either with studying for exams that have to be taken again or work but I thank God the latter is not this year's reality and I give Him the glory for my job. 
It's the little things, the little moments that count right? Well, for them to count, you have to make them first. So..that's pretty much what I've been trying to do. Going out with friends and enjoying God's grace :)

Today's outfit was worn much earlier this month when the temperature was still pretty reasonable. It's a simple day out or even night out outfit. I don't normally wear tubes and I have barely done in the past mainly because of how I used to look in them. I used dread showing off my big arms. Now thinking about it, I never used to wear anything that showed my bare arms..You'd always see me with my layers of small jackets and cardigans, even in the summer, just to cover my arms. But thank God that feeling is gone and He has changed my perspective from inside out.

But because we are creatures of habit, I still hesitate with tubes. I'd planned on wearing this one without the jacket but it wasn't all that hot that day. Now, I don't mind wearing them but please give me time to ease into them.

jacket + jeans h&m // tube bershka // bag + scarf primark


  1. Ahh! I totally understand you. I also used to hate showing my arms, I still kinda do. But, when I know ahead of time what I'm wearing, it helps prepare my mind...hehe.

    You look well put-together. I like the loose and fit balance in the outfit. Cute bag!! :) You hair looks great in that puff too!

  2. i hate showing my arms too but gradually ease into it ...it becomes easier.

  3. I hate showing my arms. I've lost 125 lbs (50+ kgs) since 2010 and even though my arms came out of the weightloss better than say my chest or stomach, I've never been about the sleeveless life. You have to rip the cardigan off my back, yes, even living in the tropics. I appreciate this body God has given me and am stepping up everyday to do my duty to take care of it. One doesn't have to show off my arms to prove anything, iMHO, but I think you look great!


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