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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Keeping Your Hair Moisturized During The Summer


Moisture is a year-round necessity when it comes to natural hair however, methods [as well as the need] differ as seasons change. During the summer, we tend to adopt undemanding hair regimens & wear our hair out more often but when not properly cared for our hair can easily dry out. 

Check out these tips on how to keep your hair on top of it's moisture game this summer :

1. Cowash -- Dare I say it again? Cowashing is one of the easiest methods when it comes to cleansing & retaining moisture. And if you're doing a wash & go, it doesn't get any easier than this. You might want to consider alternating with a shampoo depending on what kinds of ingredients are in the products you use. And if you swim often, this method would only be good for days you are not swimming. It's also a great solution for those that workout often.

2. Moisturizing spray -- Get a daily moisturizing spray or just make one yourself to wake your hair up in the morning. All you need is a little bit and it'll go a mighty long way.

3. Deep Condition -- We all know the benefits of a good deep conditioning session. During the summer, you don't need to do it so often but when you do, you'll be reaping it's benefits long after.

4. Conditioner -- This is useful for those hours spent at the pool. Apply a generous amount all over your hair and let it soak it in to avoid your hair from drying out due to the chlorine water.

5. Satin -- This is for accessory lovers like myself. If you love wearing scarves with your hair, try investing in satin scarves. They are a little bit more pricey but the long term effects on your hair will be well worth it. A satin scarf or pillow case for bed is also a great investment must.

6. Seal -- When going out into the sun, try [moderately] sealing your hair after moisturizing. This will protect your hair from drying out while in the sun and also prevent damage to the hair strands.

Try incorporating these easy tips into your regimen and you'll notice the difference.
How's your summer going?



  1. This was much needed, the heat wave is taking a toll on my ends and I was struggling a little to keep my hair well moisturized. The sun is most drying.

    1. Hi Presh!
      So glad it was of help.
      Indeed, the sun does dry out our hair.


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