"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Letters Of Encouragement : Seasons Change


I've been on a quick, short notice hiatus. It wasn't premeditated but rather imposed -- imposed by certain realities. I mentioned in on of my last posts that I have been a busy madam. Busy madam indeed. Shuffling school, work, ministerial work, my business and everything else in between. Yes, your girl has been busy indeed. But I say it all to the glory of God. Busy yet, with good things. I trust you've all been good too.
Not much to say about my hair in this post and practically nothing about my outfits...I called this post seasons change because the different manifestations around me have been reconfirming this truth. The first physical evidence on this of course is the weather. It's spring now and soon all the trees will be arrayed with all their beautiful flowers and fruits however, I'm not really here to talk about the yearly revolution displayed by the weather. I'm talking about the seasons we experience and live through. They are not physical seasons that are as perceptible as the weather but they are seasons made up of our experiences, emotions, perceptions and more. Seasons - our seasons - have to change because it's by living through them that we grow. For every winter - which is a period of growth, there is a spring - which is a period to shine and blossom. You might think you are stuck in one cold winter right now but your experiences will be the stepping stone to your spring and summer.

Seasons have been changing for me in different areas of my life but God has been constantly there all the way.

Whatever reality you might be living right now, remember, no winter lasts for ever.


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