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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tips For The BIG HAIR Effect

One of the best things about natural hair is it's versatility and it's also one of my favorite things about my hair. Fluffy afro today and curly braid outs the next. With the right kind of information & sufficient knowledge of one's hair, it is easy to play around with natural hair. One thing I did find challenging to achieve with my hair was the big hair effect. The big hair effect enhances hair volume and can improve the outcome of some hair styles. After experimenting with different methods, I was able to nail it and I also learnt a few things along the way.
Check out these tips to achieve that big hair effect :

 ● Braid outs -- number one technique, by me, to achieve that big hair. They shouldn't be too small or too big and they have to be parted  neatly and orderly 6-10 braids (depending on how thick your hair is) are optimal. Avoid parting down the middle when you can because when you undo the braids, you may find the line hard to hide. The braids should also be done neatly right from the roots, not too tight but not loose either.

Twist outs -- twist outs are also a great method for getting that big hair effect but they have to be between medium and big twists depending on your hair texture and thickness. The twists should also be parted neatly and orderly.

Streeeetch -- Before attempting the big hair effect, proper stretching is needed to be able to easily style and manage your hair. Failing to stretch your hair will mean less control for you when trying to get that big hair.

Moisturize -- Achieving the big hair effect on under-moisturized hair is nearly impossible. To get the big hair effect,  your hair has pliable and elastic enough to be easily moulded and shaped...Pliable hair means moisturized hair. Prior to braiding or twisting, moisturize your hair properly with products that are friendly to your hair.

Enhance -- enhance that big hair with a very light oil after moisturizing or right before taking don the braids or twists. You can also use a light hair butter but only during the moisturizing process! Light oils and butters are great for making the hair fluffy, manageable and help create that big hair effect. A really good oil also adds luster without the sticky oily film or weighing the hair down. 

Fluff -- after taking down the twists or braids, fluff your hair to create that big hair! It's up to you to shape your hair now...don't hesitate to fluff with your fingers (avoid using tools!) and separate the strands so more volume can be gained. 

No water -- do not try applying a moisturizing spray or  moisturizing cream before undoing your twists or braids because this will reverse the effect you are trying to get. Moisturizer properly before putting your hair in twists or braids.

Play around with your hair and this tips to get that big hair effect!


  1. you just made me want to big chop my head... lol
    that was helpful!!

    1. LOL^^ Glad it was sis!
      Go ahead and big chop, if that's what you really want to do :)


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