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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Weight Loss Diaries : Exercise & Weight Loss

One of the biggest mistakes we make on our journey to weight loss is disregarding the importance of exercise. Most of the time, we just adopt a quick diet to shed off some pounds but unfortunately, these diets only last for some time and the lost pounds are eventually regained. The in-efficacy of a mere diet is mainly caused by the drastic changes diets call for, which makes them almost impossible to integrate into a lifestyle thus making them only temporary. But even for a healthy change of diet, when it comes to weight loss, it's just not enough. Weigh loss means burning more calories than you are taking in. Here's the equation :


Choosing to only eat healthy can lead to maintaining your weight and maybe a slight weight loss but if it's really healthy eating, the calories lost should not be so much! It's burning calories that will lead to the real weight loss while eating healthy prevents weight gain! That's where exercising comes in. Any serious weight loss program needs exercise to work, last and eventually lead to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is not just good for weight loss but it's a must for any healthy lifestyle. 
However, it's the quantity and quality of exercise that determines results. Someone that is trying to maintain their weight will not need to burn as many calories as someone who wants to loose weight, well, that's if the person is eating healthy. On the other hand, according to our above equation, someone who is on a weight loss mission will need to increase the calories burned. That's where the lost weight will come from. 

Now, the question is : how much exercise for weight loss? Substantial effort leads to substantial results. You only get what you put in. You can't just be dragging your feet when it comes to exercise and hope for high results. To burn considerable amount of calories, you'd be surprised the amount of effort needed. For example, you have to burn 3500 calories to loose one pound of weight (453.6 g) but mild jogging 30 minutes (for ladies) roughly burns 300 calories...This means even with 30 minutes mild jogging daily, you cannot create a weight deficit that will lead to weight loss...Generally, it is advised to exercise at least 5 hours a week when opting for weight loss.

When it comes to weight loss, it is best to begin with cardio exercise (also known as aerobic exercise). Cardio is anything that will get your heart rate up and the choice is plenty! Some examples include biking, swimming, jogging. There are also plenty of workouts out there you can do at home if you don't have time to go to the pool, pull out your bike or if you prefer staying indoors! It is best to stick to the exercises that work best for you (you will only get to know which ones are best by trying) or that you can manage and as you increase your intensity you can try other types of cardio exercises. 

To sum it all up, exercising is a must for any healthy lifestyle however the intensity and frequency of exercising has to increase when it comes to weight loss. You cannot rely on your diet alone because you'd just be starving and depleting your body of muscle mass and other important sources. Such habits don't build a lifestyle but only deliver temporary results that can revert into situations worse than what you started with. Once you've made the decision to change up your lifestyle and loose the excess fat, you need to take it slow. Every step counts so do not get discouraged. You cannot change up your whole life in a day, week or probably months. Work towards the 5 hours a week of exercise by making little changes in your everyday life and don't forget to do what you enjoy!

Happy exercising!


  1. Wow. This is LOADED with useful information. Thnx hun for sharing! I've learnt quite a bit. May God give us the strength and commitment needed for a healthy lifestyle.
    LOVE the look to the blog!

    Tell the World

    1. Glad it was of help sis!!
      And thank you for commenting on the new look ^^

  2. Hey! Love the post. Such a logical message but it's amazing how often it gets disregarded.
    P.S Not to be fussy but I noticed you wrote that a pound is equal to 453 kg...think it should be 0,453. Don't know if you can edit that or not :)

    1. It does indeed!

      Thank you for pointing that out, I meant 453 grams! :)


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