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Monday, March 11, 2013

Skin Care : The Vicious Dry Skin Cycle


I’ve been acquainted with dry skin for as long as I can remember. I’d always be running after that moisturizing cream or this repairing serum. Of course, nearly nothing I tried was effective enough and none of them had any lasting effects. But as I went from one product to another, I realized my dry skin only seemed to get worse. The more I tried to integrate new products into my regimen the more my expectations bounced back in my face. Now, after everything I’ve learnt on  healthy skin care, I realize that product hoping and certain habits could lead to a never ending cycle when it comes to dry skin. The cycle aggravates the already delicate condition of the skin and can even lead to conditions like eczema.

Check out these pointers to help  you deal  with dry skin--

If there’s anything dry skin needs, it’s moisture. It’s logic right ? Wrong. Most products out there don’t deliver nearly enough of it when it comes to quantity and quality. I remember back then, some creams I tried only gave me that soothing feel during the first few minutes after application…then I was back at square one. Proper moisturizing methods are to be respected  for sufficient and lasting effects. Opt for water based creams that penetrate easily yet leave a protective film (not the same thing as a greasy film!)  If your skin is really dry, try applying a penetrating body butter after taking a shower to lock in moisture. The butter doesn’t have to be  heavy and certainly not greasy. I’d also advice using extra virgin olive oil (frequently) to help keep moisture levels up, heal and improve elasticity. Try juggling with these three products and incorporate them in your regimen  in a way convenient for you.

This is where most get it wrong. Most cleansers are not adapted to dry skin because they contain harsh surfactants that strip the skin of all it’s oils. This leaves the skin even drier than it was before and makes it prone to infection because of the pH imbalance. So after cleansing with such cleansers, not only do you have to deal with the dryness you had before, you also have to reverse the drynsess caused by the cleanser. Most people with dry skin focus on cleansing too much rather than scrubbing. Mild scrubbign with a moisturizing scrub helps improve the blood circulation to the skin (keeping it well supplied with nutrients), removes dead skin and moisturizes.
With dry sin, when it coems to cleansing, choose a sulfate free mild cleanser, whether it be for your face or your whole body. Black soap and natural handmade soaps (espcecially the ones containing natural butters, clays and honey) are great alternatives. Try cleansing your face maximum twice a day and be sure to moisturize after you do.

 Toners are a must for dry skin because they cleanse the skin of whatever might have been left by cleanser and moisturize. However, be on your guard! Not all toners are made alike and some do more bat han good because of their harsh ingredients. A simple homemade toner will do a world of of wonders and it’s much cheaper!
Other special creams exist on the market such as night creams and the like…I’d advice sticking to the simple moisturizers I stated above or get acquainted with the ingredients before trying anything.

Masks have been a great help to improving  the state of my skin and battling dryness. Masks are the exact equivalents of deep conditioners when it comes to hair terms. Now, you can understand why they are so effective and helpful. Of course, the right mask is always what you have to use. Opt for moisturizing, detoxifying, cleansing, revitalizing, nutritive and healing masks. There are a lot of over-prized, over-rated and under-effective masks out there and the worst thing is that they are mixed with other ingredietns that are potentially harsh to the skin!

That's it. Simple, right? Don't forget to stick to what works for you. Everyone is different so as you work with these pointers, remember to keep your own specific needs in mind.

Stay beautiful ,in and out ;)


  1. I used to use masks but for some reason I stopped... I guess I should start including that in my regimen one of these days... thanks for sharing

    1. It's a pleasure sis!
      Masks are great for a skin regimen, try incorporating them again :)

  2. what do u recommend for facial masks? Natural & homemade that is.


    1. Hi sis.
      Try the Rhassoul and Honey mask and the Sour Cream mask is especially great for dry skin! Play around with ingredients...the best items are found in the kitchen :)

      Hope that helps, don't hesitate to ask any other questions you may have ;)

  3. These are the basic daily skin care tips you will see a big difference with in your skin tone, texture and smoothness when you start to take better care of your skin every day!


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