"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Saturday, March 16, 2013

What She Wore : All That Old School

Hey loves & dear gents! Another eventful week gone by...I've been a very busy madam but blessed overall. I trust the latter is true for you too. Today's gist is about the outfit I wore yesterday. A very laid-back outfit I wore to school yet...this mix and match up is very significant to me. For one thing, I feel very comfortable in it. That's a winner in my book. Another thing I love about this outfit is the blend of colors. For one, the tribal print tights with the bright baby blue background just gives the whole outfit a playful, relaxed yet funky look...I decided to tone down the bright colors of the tights with one of my favorite pull overs and top it all with my beloved baseball inspired jacket. The ankle boots add some character to the look and the silk scarf ...well...Who doesn't like accessorizing?

This look really says a thing or two about me: 
1.I love getting all dressed up and stepping out in heels but I also love my laid back days...for real, I don't play with them. 
2.Another thing this looks says about me, or screams about me rather, is my love for the old school. Bright colors, baggy tops and all-purpose baseball jackets, are just some of the things I love about old school fashion.

I like getting inspired when it comes to anything but then I love working and playing around until I get what I'm satisfied with. Same goes for what I wear

When it comes to clothes, the only 2 rules for me are : 
1.I've got to be true to me & 
2.I've got to wear it with confidence


  1. Yes! This looks looks like one of the fits right off of School Daze or "A Different World" lol. I like!

  2. Babes,you look great!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the old school look! Nice and retro. It works so well! T'as de la classe (même en s'habiillant old school)!

    Tell the World

  3. This never goes out of fashion lol!!!! I am in love with your style sis :D


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