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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hair Update : How I Care For My Two Strand Twists

Nearly 3 weeks on & I'm still rocking my twists. Fun to wear, easy to manage & a sure way to protect my hair from de-moisturization due to the ongoing cold weather. However, with the ease comes responsibility. It's still my hair - and no matter how small - still needs care. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know exactly how to care for styles such as twists, braids & such which leads most women to just abandon the aspect of care which can counter the protective goal of the style. The truth is, twists are really low - maintenance & are not difficult to care for at all.

Check out these simple steps to care for your twists --

1. Moisturize & Seal. Moisturize your twists as needed! This means refreshing them with a water based moisturizing spray before sealing with a butter or hair oil. You can also apply a water based moisturizing cream before sealing. Natural hair holds moisture better while in twists so moisturizing won't be needed as often as when your hair is undone. Be careful to focus on the ends to prevent breakage!

2. Wash. If you are thinking of wearing your twists for longer than a week, washing them is a great idea. Twists can easily accumulate dirt therefore washing them would be a great way to also refresh them. However, there are a few things to observe while washing twists :
1. The twists need to be banded even before any water touches them. Band them with non-metallic elastic hair bands. 
2. Wash in sections to prevent tangles. Though in twists, your strands can still intertwine. After finishing with each section, tie with one band.
3. After washing, band each section to the tip. This prevents major shrinkage! Remember, natural hair + water = shrinkage.
4. AIR DRY instead of using towels and such to prevent moisture loss & frizz.
5. Add styling aids as you would after any other wash but be sure to put back the bands until your hair dries.

3. ACV. Rinse with diluted ACV after each wash to get any dirt or buildup in the twists. It's possible for your shampoo to miss them. ACV also helps keep the twists lustrous, minimize frizz & increase moisture levels by smoothing down the cuticles.

4. Band. To help elongate your twists or keep them from shrinking, use the banding method. If neglected, twists can really shrink up especially if you moisturize often with a water based hair spray.

5. Add shine. After a while, twists can look a bit dull. Add some hair butter or light oil to help with shine. Be sure to do this on moisturized hair.

6. Sleep wisely. To prevent excessive frizz in your twists, wrap your hair with a satin scarf (before putting on a satin bonnet). You can smoothen down your twists with a moisturizing cream for better results. 

That's how I care for my twists. It's really not complicated at all. Protect your hair, increase your free time & play around with your look all at once. Yes, we LOVE twists :)

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