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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tips On Elongating Natural Hair


Due to it's elastic nature, natural hair can shrink up to 70% of it's real length! For some hair styles (for example flat twists), this can be a real issue. However, it's not as hard as it seems to get your hair elongated & stretched out in time for a hair style or just out of personal preference. Just a little backdrop though, it's good to elongate & stretch natural hair when possible because it avoids tangles, knots & pain! It also makes it easier to style (especially for twists, braids etc) & to keep healthy. Elongation favors really tight curls & makes them easier to style.  
Check out my tips on elongating natural hair : 

1. Keep in sections! To avoid excessive shrinkage to your hair, keep your hair in sections. Whether you are wearing two strand twists, braids or it's just you & your fro. Before going to bed, or you find yourself at home, put your hair in sections to avoid shrinkage and serious tangles! When the strands intertwine this favors shrinkage & along with it comes the woes of knots & tangles.

2. Braid, braid, braid! Twists are great but braids are greater when it comes to keeping your hair elongated. Braiding your hair in big sections before going to bed is a great way to keep your hair elongated or to elongate your hair for the morning.

3. Apply products but...before! Apply products to your hair but before you are ready to style your hair or wear it out - usually the night before. Avoid putting products in your hair just before styling because this will only favor shrinkage. Moisturize & seal your hair properly on the night before & wake up with moisturized & elongated hair!

4. Detangle! Detangling is key to keeping your hair elongated. As I stated earlier, intertwined strands only favor shrinkage. Try detangling your hair properly after each wash, or while preparation for a style.

5. Avoid the rain! Curly hair + water = shrinkage. Avoid getting your hair in the rain if you want to favor elongation. THrow on a scarf, beret or cap on rainy days.

6. Wash in sections! Wash in sections to favor elongation & avoid unnecessary tangles.  

7. Smoothen with a butter! A bit of hair butter goes a long way in promoting elongation. Use it with a moisturizer to seal in precious moisture & smoothen down your strands 

8. Band when you can! Use the banding method to keep stretched hair elongated or to promote further elongation.

Simple but effect, these tips are a great way to enhance elongated & stretched hair. Remember, natural hair is so versatile. Play around with it, with shrinkage or with some elongation...just have fun with it!


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