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- Psalms 27 : 1

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Soul Food : Fueling Your Prayers


Remember in this post, how I compared praying to exercising? Well, the thing's that, there's no exercising without energy because exercise burns energy. It's a basic principle. So if praying can be compared to exercising, what then can we liken energy to? What exactly fuels our prayers? 
But first, before we solve that equation, why do we need to fuel our prayers? We go back to our comparison to answer this question : The body easily adapts to a given effort when exercising, it just takes time & consistency. However, for the athlete to keep on growing in physical strength & resistance, he/she needs more energy. If the athlete decides to stick to one level & not keep on trying harder, he/she will hit a stagnation plateau & the body will not grow in resistance anymore which means his/her exercising will not be yielding much results anymore.
Check out these key words
strength -- just like when it comes to exercising, we also build spiritual strength when praying
resistance -- likewise to praying, we got to a spiritual point, where we are comfortable after being challenged to a new level. We adapt.
For these two things to be acquired, we need time & consistency! Time means all the time [1 Thessalonians 5 : 17]. Consistency is all about praying just as hard each time [Daniel 6 : 10].
All these points brings us to one thing : the source of the energy we burn when praying...
the Word 
Reading the Word is like eating. We eat to have strength for exercising, it's the food we eat we burn. The same principle works for reading the Word & praying. Sometimes we wonder why we do not have anything to pray about or why we just seem to not be able to pray properly. There is no other way about it. Just like exercising, praying isn't a piece of cake. Whoever told you that, was lying. If it was, the disciples wouldn't have asked Jesus to teach them how to pray [Luke 11 : 1]. Praying takes energy. But it's a spiritual kind of energy because prayer is a spiritual exercise. Therefore, we need to store up on spiritual strength. Where do we get it from? The Word. The Word is our spiritual food just as Jesus said, "The Words I have spoke to you are spirit and they are life" [John 6 : 63]. Jesus defines the Word with that simple sentence...but He also defines what the spirit is to us : LIFE. Therefore if the spirit is life and we need the spirit, what's more the Word is also spirit, then the Word is LIFE. It's quite simple. A Christian that does not eat their daily portion of the Word is like an anorexic athlete. Pretty contradictory right? 
To fuel our prayers we need the Word. Prayers don't appear out of thin air. We 
first have to strengthen ourselves spiritually to pray. Then 
slowly cultivate an habit of prayer (and HUNGER for) which helps us build a solid & effective prayer life. After this, 
we keep on building our resistance the deeper we go in the Word by praying harder! 
One BIG reason it's important to keep on building resistance is this : without it, we cannot go to new spiritual levels which hinders us from fighting certain battles!

Don't beat around the bushes, get right to praying by feeding from the real source of energy. Prayer booklets are cool but they cannot help you fuel your prayers, in other words, they do no teach you to pray but rather inspire you & give you prayer ideas. Get fed so you can have the energy you need to pray then keep on going to build strength & resistance. Remember, any athlete that starts growing & climbing levels but then all of a sudden stops will, after a while, have to start from the beginning..Consistency is key.

God bless you 


  1. Change is constant, so we also must be consistent in praying. Constant prayer will eventually yield results.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. After reading about having an effective prayer life, this was a great follow-up. I love the phrase that says prayer is key! But I guess one major thing the enemy tries to do amongst Christians is convince us we're too busy to read the Word and then convince us we don't need to pray. I heard an interview where athlete, Michael Phelps, said after taking a 6 month break, it took him a whole year to get back to where he was before taking that break. May we not have to start from the beginning in Jesus' name! Amen.

    God bless you for taking the time to share!

    Tell the World

    1. AMEN to that powerful prayer sis! Well said.
      All the glory be to God


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