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Thursday, January 10, 2013

How To Co Wash Natural Hair

One of my newest hair habits has become co washing. To know why, check out this post. I love the versatility it adds to my hair regimen & I especially love how my hair is responding well to it.     Being the owner of seriously dry hair with occasional mood swings, believe me, when I find something that it responds really well to, I hold on tighter to it than super glue on paper. So, co washing is great but I have noticed the many troubles it could generate when it isn't done properly.

For best results, here's how I co-wash :

1.soak -- I usually co wash my hair when taking a shower because it is much easier but do what works for you. The first thing I do, even before trying to part my hair one way or the other is soak it under the shower. This gives my strands some elasticity and thus prevents breakage when manipulating the hair. This is especially crucial for when your hair is so dry you dare not even poke it. The water molecules will moisturize your hair and make your co washing much easier.

2.part -- It's the time to part your hair. The number of parts you do depends on your hair texture and the length of your hair. Part your hair in sections that makes it the easiest for you to manipulate your air without causing tangles. The general rule is  
-the thicker your hair, the more parts you'll need
-the kinkier your hair, the more parts you'll need
-the longer your hair, the less parts you'll need
As you part your hair, do it while the water is still rushing through your hair and do it gently! Your hair is still vulnerable when wet.

3.condition -- This is when you need to reach for your best conditioner & slather. To find out what exactly is the profile for the best conditioner, check out this post. Before conditioning, please put off the water. We don't want it to wash away the conditioner. Apply the conditioner on each section separately! Keep the other sections out of your hair with clamps, clips, bands or whatever you want just don't get let them mess with the section you are working on. Failure to do this can cause serious tangles. Keeping them away also means keeping them away from each other for the same reasons. To apply the conditioner
-start from the ends! This is the part of your hair that is most likely to tangle up.
-from the ends, work your way up!
-gently massage your strands with conditioner till you reach the roots
-apply generously! Your hair needs all the conditioner it can get
 Only proceed with the next step after having applied conditioner to each section. Leaving the hair wet like that for too long will cause the ends to tangle in between themselves. You can apply a fair amount of conditioner to each section first before coming back to thoroughly condition them to avoid any tangles.

4.detangle -- use whatever detangling tool you prefer to detangle each section after lathering them with conditioner. My fingers are my staple. Start with the ends and work your way up to the ends. If you encounter knots, gently stop to deal with them with your fingers. Apply more conditioner if needed.

5.wait -- after detangling, twist or just twirl the sections or just use a clamp to get them out of the way. If you are planning to take a shower, now is the time to do so. You can put on a plastic cap to help the conditioner penetrate better and give your hair a more moisturizing experience. Leave the conditioner for at least 3 minutes.

6.rinse -- rinse each section separately to avoid knots. Gently stroke the sections with your fingers as the water flows through.   After rinsing each section, twist it to avoid knots and tangles. If you have hard water, don't rinse for too long!

[7.leave in rinse -- do a quick leave in herbal/tea rinse to help boost the moisture in your hair. It's optional, but if you've got really dry hair or you need a really good fix, it could really help. If you've got hard water, a quick ACV rinse could go a long way]

After all the washing, you can proceed with your usual styling rituals.


  1. Thanks Funbi! I just started co washing and definitely needed the guidance.


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