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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hair Update : The Two Strand Twist Is Back

It's been a moment since I updated you on what's been going with my hair. Most of the time, I was wearing my staples [featured in this post] and having a good time so I didn't really think much of trying to work with something new. I guess I was in my comfort zone - which was cool because these past months have been quite busy so I stuck to things that I knew worked. However, after seeing baby sis rocking some super cute two strand twists with her TWA I was inclined to challenge myself. The challenge was to try to give two strand twists another try. If you've been reading long, you'll know my relationship with two strand twists have not been hunky dory. In the past, I've not been able to nail the right technique for smooth, neat, voluminous, stretched, lustrous, long-lasting two strand twists. All these points had been an issue in the past so I was very hesitant about trying twists again. Well, I did go ahead but I armed myself with fresh knowledge. To cut a not so long story short, I twisted my hair and aded some flat twists to the side!


I have all those things I'd never really had together with these new twist - smooth, neat, voluminous, stretched, lustrous, long-lasting. I have to admit, I did nearly undo them after about 1 hour in because I was skeptical about how everything would look on my head. 
Everything took a bit more than 3 hours (over the span of 2 nights). I can't say how long they will be staying in but I will certainly be rocking them to a maximum. It will definitely give my hair some chill time especially now that it's snowing hard over here.

Have you tried anything new with your hair lately?


  1. wow.. this is beautiful...
    i want to touch ur hair from here sef..

  2. If thats all your hair,then I'm really loving your progress.It inspires me already.

    1. Yes it's all my hair :D Thank you!

  3. I thought it was weave at first, your hair looks very nice!

  4. I LOVE IT TOO! and babes, YOU inspire ME. They look amazing and simply beautiful! Great job!!

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