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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guide To A Natural & Frugal Skin Regimen


The race for smooth, glowing, soft & wrinkle-free skin is one that fuels a multi-billion dollar market worldwide. We sure take our looks seriously! Thousands of women [and men] spend hundreds of dollars a month on "special" anti-aging creams; "miracle" moisture toners & "amazing" clearing lotions. Unfortunately, with all the hype comes little knowledge. We pump all our money into our skin regimen but see mediocre, little and even zero results. Apart from being so highly priced, the market is confusing! One brand can offer up to 5 different products just for the contour of your eyes...Which one do you choose? Which brand do you pick? Do you even need it? With big grammar & catchy names, it really is no wonder people easily give in. However, over 90% of us don't even know what we are feeding our skin. Why is it important to know? It's important to know what you are putting on your skin not only because it's the largest organ of the body & the very first barrier of protection against microbes but because some commercial products contain harmful ingredients for our general health. 

How about all "natural" products? They are great. In fact, I've come across some promising brands. But immediately I pick up the products & check out the attractive packaging, the price wipes the smile off my face. They are just too expensive! Let's be real, some of these so called natural products are just too ridiculously priced. What's more, some of these "natural products" are just labelled so but once you take a much closer look at their ingredients, you learn otherwise. 

So where to turn to? Is it still possible to have healthy skin without breaking the bank, getting 20 or more products, without feeling confused or robbed? The answer is yes. 
Check out these tips to help you attain healthy skin, the naturally frugal way :

1. know ingredients -- the first thing about a natural & healthy skin regimen is knowing your ingredients. This key because without it, you are going to be easily misled by catchy products. You need to know the ingredients to look out for & the ones to avoid. This is the foundation of your regimen. Generally, natural butters, quality oils, harmless humectants, floral waters, essential oils are great for the skin but on the other hand, anything used to fill up the product (for example mineral oil), any [possibly] harmful preservatives (for example parabens), synthetic perfume, synthetic color, harsh surfactants (for example sodium lauryl sulfate) are to be avoided! 

2. know your ingredients -- it's not enough to get informed about ingredients. The next step is picking out the ones best for you depending on your skin type & what your skin needs. Everyone's skin is different & some react differently to certain ingredients than others. Once you get to know ingredients, it's time to pick out which ones are best for you. Experience & ample knowledge will help you make your list.

3. stick to the basics -- you really don't need a load of products to get that healthy skin you are looking for. Many natural ingredients have multiple purposes. For example, you don't need 5 different ingredients for moisture, however some ingredients can do upto 5 different things for your skin. Don't try amassing products. Once you know your ingredients, you should be able to tell just how useful a product can be for you & what it should be able to do. 

4. listen to what you know -- many products claim you have to do this or that. In fact, buying one product can lead to getting 4 more. But what people don't know is, most of the time, this isn't necessary. For example, if a product contains the ingredients you need for moisturized, clear & smooth skin but the instructions tell you to grab 2 other products so it can do those 3 things, well you better just stick to what you know. Getting to know your ingredients & sticking to them saves you tremendous amount of money and keeps you in control of what you put on your skin.

5. compare -- before buying a certain product from a certain brand, do your reaserch. Never hesitate to compare prices, results & ingredients. The internet is so resourceful so we have no excuse. Compare different products, watch/read reviews (but keep in mind that each skin is different!) and think about which is best for your skin, budget & skin goals.Doing this will save you a lot of money & disappointment.If you feel too overwhelmed by all the information, then you need to go back to steps 1-4 to help you.

6. look around you -- before you go running to your nearest beauty store for products, look around you. The sad truth most do not know about or do not wish to believe is that, most of what we need for healthy & natural skin lies in our kitchens. Yes, your kitchen. The same place you prepare your meals. Perfect for the frugal yet it delivers many high grade natural ingredients for the skin. From honey to sour cream, floral waters & much more! You can make masks, cleansers & toners from what you have in your kitchen if only you look closer! You can give yourself a 5 star spa treatment just by staying at home instead of spending money on highly priced products that can't do any better.

7. record your results -- this helps you, in time, eliminate excess products from your regimen & concentrate on just a few very essentials. After recording your results, start from step 1 again to help eliminate unnecessary products from your regimen. 

8. give it time -- it takes patience & close observation to get your skin staples. Don't try too many new products at once because this can get confusing & too much for your skin. If you follow steps 1-7 properly, you should be just fine.

Those are my guidelines for a natural & frugal skin regimen. Don't forget, knowledge is power! Getting to know what your skin needs & how it can get it are really important because once you get those two nailed, there's no room for confusion anymore. Don't be afraid to experiment (stay safe) and keep in mind that smooth, glowing & soft skin is not impossible neither do you have to burn a hole in your wallet.


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