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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 4 Hairstyles Of 2012

As the curtain falls on 2012, I look back to all I'd been able to acquire & what I loved most. When it comes to hairstyles, it's been a year of experiments & trying new things. My hair attained a length where most styles became possible & I was able to play around with them. But of course, there are always the favorites...I've been able to put together my top 4 hairstyles of the year. Check out why :

1. puffs : ever had to make it out in a rush but you know you just can't thrown a beret, hat or whatever else on? Well, I found myself in such a situation multiple times this year...but puffs have always seemed to bail me out. Easy, stylish, suitable for any situation & you can easily change up the look with a range of accessories! Puffs never get old. The best thing of all is that each time, they they always seem different. Depending on your hair styling techniques, you can achieve different kinds of puffs. Just be creative with it. 

2. buns : one of my most recent staples. An easy & fashionable protective style, You just can't go wrong with a stylish bun. It takes a few tries to master it depending on your hair and regimen but once you come up with your own technique, it's a blast. You can wear it however you want, add some color & you're good to go.

3. pin ups : I've always had a thing for pin ups. Easy, stylish and down right funky. There are multiple ways to wear a pin up and I don't think I have been able to accurately reproduce a pin up. Protective & fun, pin ups are a way to get really creative. Twist the fringe, use flexi rods or do a braid out and you'll get a different look each time. It's up to you!

4. braid outs : volume, elongation & a brand new look. Let your curls loose a bit with braid outs. I'd always been a twist out girl but this year, braid outs captured my heart. of course for each woman there is a technique because of the difference in texture but once you get your way around them, braid outs are fun and can last for days with proper care.

What were your top hairstyles of the year?

stay blessed & stay safe


  1. Nice post! I'm loving your bun! Some of my favorite styles included a roller set, two strand twists, and and twist outs.

    1. Thank you sis!!
      I am yet to try roller sets. Probably will this year.
      Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love braid outs. You are giving me ideas on how to style my hair this coming year, I can't wait to try pin ups and buns.

  3. I especially like 3 and 4. Looked great on you! *Proud lil Sis moment* Lol!

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