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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tips To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized All Winter

Chilly winds and shorter days are all an indication of the change of season. With this change comes a need for us to adapt in every way possible. When it comes to hair, adaptation is essential to survive the winter without breakage. The main reason why cold weather and natural hair are not best friends is because the harsh weather dries out our strands. Since curly/coily/kinky hair has a hard time keeping up it's moisture levels by nature, imagine what can happen in the winter. 
So is it really possible to keep our hair moisturized in the winter? Yes, but we have to actively change our regimens & get rid of some habits.
Here are a few tips to keeping your tresses moisturized and in good shape all winter : 

less shampoo : I have absolutely nothing against shampoo and in fact love it but our hair don't love it so much and don't need it so much either especially the ones that contain harsh surfactants. Shampoo as needed depending on the products you use, your daily activities and your regimen. During the winter, even mild natural shampoos can dry out natural hair when used too often. 

pre poo : if you are going to shampoo try doing a pre shampoo treatment. Pre shampoo treatments help the hair maintain moisture while shampooing.

deep condition : if you do not normally deep condition during the summer, it should become a must during the winter. Deep conditioning help boost moisture levels, protect, revitalize & feed the hair. 

co-wash : avoid shampoo but step up your co-washing game for even more moisturized hair. It doesn't take much time and it's great for those that cannot do without washing their hair every so often.

hot oil treatment : great for moisturizing, revitalizing and protecting for days to come! Quick hot oil treatment can do wonders for the rest of the week. 

do an herbal/tea rinse : herbal & tea rinses are great for balancing the hair's pH, strengthening, revitalizing, moisturizing & softening. A herbal/tea rinse a week will do wonders for your hair.

apply leave in conditioner : I know many of us can live without one but leave in conditioners are wonderful at keeping in and adding to the moisture gained while deep conditioning or co-washing. It also smoothes the hair and prepares it for styling.

avoid heat : I say this all the time. If you can avoid heat, please do. When you blow dry your hair or use a flat iron, the moisture in your hair evaporates unless you use a sealant however, this means you cannot add any moisture to your strands. Another thing about heat is the most dreaded heat damage. Avoid it if you can.

seal : seal, seal and seal!! Do not under-estimate what it can do. It makes a big difference when you seal. Try using butters such as shea butter & oils such as extra virgin olive oil depending on your hair needs.

practice the baggy method : the baggy method is great for keeping in moisture. It keeps all the cold air out and uses the heat your body generates to help the moisture in your hair penetrate deeper.

moisturize as needed : this means being attentive to your hair needs. Moisturize properly each time for a thorough effect.

protective styling : no matter how much you love letting the wind carry your hair, you have to consider some sort of protective styling. The wind and constant touching can cause major damage (even if we cannot see it). Try total protective styles (like box braids) to low protective styles (like buns). 

avoid non water soluble ingredients : ingredients like silicones, mineral oil etc will only choke your hair because they will build up and make it hard for you to get any moisture into your strands.

scalp oil : think of your scalp and how dry it can get especially during the winter. By keeping your scalp healthy you are also keeping your hair moisturized and healthy.

How are you bracing for the winter?


  1. I have dry scalp and it flakes and it's not getting better. I'm not sure what I can use to suppress it. I do deep condition and I've tried hot oil treatment, and I liked it.

    Thanks for the tips :)

    1. It's a pleasure sis.
      For your dry scalp sis, try ACV rinses, herbal rinses such as stinging nettle, rosemary...try oils such as rosemary oil infused oils (jojoba, coconut, olive oils are great)...you can also try cutting down on your shampooing for now.
      I'll try and make a post detailing this issue ;)

  2. wow! such great tips


  3. good points, this autumn/winter/spring I'm trying something different...cornrow my hair and wear a wig...shampoo every two weeks

  4. Great Post Sis!

    I have a new blog now: http://fearlessbeauti.blogspot.com/

    Your blog is still one of my favs! :)

    1. Hey sis!! Will check it out ;)
      Thanks :)


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