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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Skin Care : 6 Ingredients To Combat The Winter

With the change of season, our wardrobe is not the only thing that needs changing. Just as we have to put away our lighter items of clothing in order to make room for those that will protect us better against the cold, we also need to reconsider products used on our hair and skin to better protect them against the harsh waeather. Today, we will be concentrating on our skin. During the cold months, the skin can get really dry, and in fact dangerously dry for those with naturally very dry skin. 
Cold weather along with heavy winds can leave the skin moisture-less leaving it dry and very dull.
To combat the change of weather and keep your skin 100% moisturized & damage-free, here are 6 must-have ingredients I have compiled for your facial routine : 

● sour cream : a naturally moisturizing ingredient for fighting dry skin. It also contains a high content of lactic acid that helps with riding the skin of dead skin cells and works as an anti aging agent. However use with a sunscreen since lactic acid increases sensitivity to sunlight.   

● honey : an natural humectant that helps lock moisture into your skin. It also contains numerous nutrients great for your skin's health. 

extra virgin olive oil : a wonderful way to moisturize the skin, add some healthy glow and protect all in one! Extra virgin olive oil penetrates the skin and locks in moisture adding elasticity & protection. Make sure you use it on already moisturized skin or else you will be locking moisture out!

● shea butter : a natural sealant. Shea butter locks in moisture, protects, heals & feeds the skin! It can be used to avoid the damaging effects of the harsh weather. For those with oily skin, mango butter or avocado butter could be best or a mix of shea butter and one of them.

rhassoul clay : a great cleanser and detoxifier also great for revitalizing the skin. Great for ridding the skin of multiple product build up and toxins. However, use in moderation during the cold months or in conjunction with a moisturizing ingredient such as sour cream.

apple cider vinegar : a small teaspoon of ACV in your daily toner can protect your skin from unwanted bacteria and other damaging effects. Washing and cleansing your face increases your skin's pH thus making it more vulnerable. ACV is a great natural acidifier and will thus restore your skin's pH to it's acidic value. ACV is also a wonderful cleanser that will help get rid of anything you might have missed while washing or cleansing your face. A very small amount goes a long way or else you might end up burning your skin.

What are your winter staples?


  1. I have never used sour cream or apple cider vinegar. Good cheap everyday things that could help my dry skin.

    1. Yes indeed! The best ingredients are right in our kitchens :)

  2. I was speakin to my friend about ideason how to take care of the skin... good post, very needed especially at this time of the year


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