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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Keeping Up The Moisture Levels : What's The Deal With Co - Washing?


Last month, I experienced really dry hair. With dry hair by nature, more dryness is something that my hair could not tolerate. In an effort to increase it's moisture levels, I decided to co-wash. I'd never co-washed prior to this and though I'd heard a lot of things about co-washign, I'd always been hesitant about trying it. One reason is my attachment with shampooing. It seemed so un usual to me to wash my hair with conditioner alone. I'd always been scared of causing build up on my scalp...However, with all the dryness I was experiencing I decided to give it a try.
I went about it under the shower after parting my hair in 6. I applied a generous amount to each section and detangled with my fingers. I did this for the 6 before waiting a few minutes. Then I rinsed.
Result. I got the moisture I needed.
Pros. Co-washing is great for really dry hair because in between washes, it helps with increasing moisture levels and get rid of dry hair (or at least decrease it). It is also great for those that do sports. Instead of shampooing all the time, co-washing helps with cleansing and moisturizing. It's not advisable to shampoo every so often.
Cons. For those with hard water it can be an issue co-washing so much but a quick ACV rinse should be able to get rid of all the minerals after each wash. Washing in big sections can cause tangles depending on how much slip the conditioner you are using has. The more slip the better! It's best to use a cheap conditioner because when co-washing (depending on hair texture and length), you'll need more than a generous amount of conditioner. Using expensive conditioners to co-wash could run a hole through your wallet. Do not use conditioners that contain high quantities of ingredients that are not soluble in water (for example silicones, mineral oil) because this will lead to serious product build up and eventually keep moisture out making the act of co-washing futile.

After numerous co-washes, I generally liked the results I got. It's not like deep conditioning but it helps boost my moisture levels. I'd like to incorporate co-washing into my regimen but it's also a matter of time. It's especially beneficial during the winter months and for times when we find no time to do a thorough deep conditioning treatment

What's the deal with you & co-washing?


  1. I've co-washed a few times, but sometimes I add some drops of shampoo...haha :)

    I'll try to use conditioner alone the next time I do so.

  2. I usually co-wash but I try to shampoo at least once a month if not acv rinse. This works pretty well for me. It also gives me more moisturized and defined curls.

    1. Thanks for sharing sis! I'm trying to co-wash more because it's doing hair a lot of good.

  3. I am not a co-washer. I don't like it enough to make it a permanent part of my regimen. I have tried it exactly twice. With Suave and with Jason's. If I had to do it because there was no shampoo left on the entire planet, I would definitely prefer it with a thicker, creamier conditioner like Jason's. Suave didn't cut it for me.

    1. Ok sis. Co-washing is definitely not for everybody and conditioner definitely has a defining role.

  4. I also co-wash in bewteen shampoos when my hair is really dry!
    I'm glad you also got wonderful results from it!

  5. I cut out the last bit of my relaxed hair last month and now am trying to find products that suit my natural hair. and also learn as much as possible about how to maintain it when it's not braided. Their is so many terms and other things that am still not familiar with; like for example co-washing? What is it and how do i do it? Also I recently bought all oil products for washing, conditioning and styling coz i have very dry brittle hair.

    Can you give me some tips please

    ps: I really enjoy your blog :D

    1. Hi Anon. So glad you enjoy the blog.
      Check out this post on co-washing!
      About caring for your hair...it seems you are taking the right steps by looking for products that suit your hair. It takes time but you will find your staples. Stick to simple products & a simple hair regimen. Caring for natural hair is not as difficult as it's made out to be.

      Hope that helps :)
      Please don't hesitate to ask any more questions you may have


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