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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Winter Hair Regimen

In an effort to adapt to the looming cold weather, I am changing my hair regimen. The key changes include, less washing & more moisture. The regimen might not be implemented right away but it will certainly serve as a guideline.


Moisturize at the beginning of the day 
Seal after moisturizing
Protect hair at night by flat twisting/braiding/twisting


Protect hair by wearing protective styles at least 5 days/7 | updos // twists // scarves // braids // buns

Re-moisturize once a week by following the 3-step moisture technique


Boost moisture levels by co-washing once every other week - 1/month
Deep -  Condition once every other week 2/month | 
rhassoul clay treatment - 2/month
ayuverdic powders [brahmi/amla/bringharaj] - 1/month
cleansing/strengthening powders [stinging nettle/shikakai/neutral henna] - 1/month

Boost moisture levels + strengthen + protect with hot oil treatments 1/month

Fortify with herbal + tea rinses after each wash 3/month

Seal in moisture after every wash by applying leave in conditioner & hair butter

Protect scalp by applying hair oil after every wash 3/month

It's a simple regimen but one that will certainly deliver results. My main goal is to keep my hair healthy during the winter and certainly avoid any damage.

Made any changes to your hair regimen?


  1. Wow! I definatly need to step up my moisture!

  2. My regimen is to use leave in conditioner.
    I think it will help keep my hair mositurized for a longer period of time.

    1. Yes sis, leave in really helps with moisture retention.

  3. Im definitely going to look into the clay treatments and ayurvedic powders. Are they good for strengthening your hair as well? If so, I need it! Great regimen!!!

    New follower! Stopping by from www.catastropheblog.com Would love for you to stop by and give a visit!! :) Have some giveaways going on right now too! One is a Shea Moisture giveaway ;)

    Happy Holidays!! <3

    1. Hi Nikki Monet,
      Ayuverdic powders and rhassoul clay are particularly great for strengthening hair.
      Thank you for following sis! Will be checking out your blog asap.

      God bless!


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