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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Focus On...Itchy Scalp

A widespread dilemma, itchy scalp can be the consequence of many things. The most common causes include dandruff, dry scalp, irritation from products containing harsh chemicals, scalp psoriasis, and head lice. If ignored, itchy scalp can get very uncomfortable and worsen the condition. Most times, itchy scalp caused by head lice and psoriasis are easily identified and thus can be dealt with accordingly. However, itchy scalp caused by dandruff and dry scalp seem to be harder to deal with because most times, we fail to identify the root of the problem.

Dandruff, one of the symptoms of Seborrhic Dermatits, is characterized by the excess shedding of the outer layer of the scalp as the scalp renews itself. The flakes are big, greasy (and sometimes even waxy) and range from yellow to to white in color. Dandruff is usually associated with a fungal or bacterial infection (thus making it contagious) & excess sebum production. Apart from an itchy scalp it is also causes inflammation. Though it is said that dandruff cannot be totally cured, the symptoms can be dealt with. Here are some simple dandruff remedies :

- anti dandruff shampoo : there are many anti dandruff shampoos that are made available in drugstores without prescription. However, try getting a shampoo that will not be too harsh on your scalp which can lead to dry scalp

- product build up : should be avoided. Avoid using too many products. Product build up favors dandruff

- tea tree essential oil : being a natural anti - bacterial & fungal, it's great for fighting dandruff. You can add a few drops of it to your shampoo, hair oil or even daily hair products. CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL BEFORE USING ESSENTIAL OILS!

- cleanse : often. Be sure to keep your scalp clean & avoid using  dirty tools (especially those you have used while experiencing dandruff).

- ACV : is an anti bacterial that cleanses well without stripping

- oils : try hot oil treatments, scalp oils or try adding them to your shampoos. Coconut oil, olive oil, neem oil, rosemary oil are great picks.

- aloe vera gel : naturally heals. It's a great way to fight dandruff

- honey : is a natural anti bacterial and mild cleanser. A warm honey treatment could do wonders for the scalp

Dry scalp, on the other hand, is characterized by small flakes and very dry scalp. It can be caused by environmental sources, genetic ones or both.
Here are some ways to battle dry scalp :

- cleanse : with mild shampoos. Do not use shampoo with harsh surfactants because they strip and also irritate the scalp. Instead of shampoos, opt for naturally cleansing powders and clays.

- hot oil treatments : with coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil  are the best picks

- scalp oil : oil your scalp after each wash or as often as you may need. Jojoba oil is the the best pick because it is very similar to the sebum the scalp produces. Also try adding essential oils such as rosemary & tea tree to carrier oils.

- chemicals : avoid products that contain harsh chemicals to avoid drying effects

- scalp massage : can help stimulate blood flow thus helping with  proper sebum production and regulation

- diet : make sure to drink lots of water and eat a lot of greens. Dry scalp can be caused by a poor diet

- heat : avoid heat. From very hot water while washing to blow drying. Heat irritates the scalp and dries it out. 

If none of these remedies work, be sure to see a dermatologist because itchy scalp could be the symptoms of a much more serious problem. 

To avoid itchy scalp, keep your scalp healthy, clean and free from aggressions! But do this according to your scalp needs. Due to difference in genetics and environment, one person's scalp needs are not your own. Observe your scalp needs and try and find out what works for you!

What are your itchy scalp tips?


  1. I have dry and itchy scalp. I've also tried hot oil treatments, but didn't work. I think I'll try the jojoba oil and mild shampoo.

    Thanks for the tips; very helpful.

  2. Washing my hair often takes away the itch. Shea butter works really good on my scalp too however I don't like the shea butter scent mixed with sweat.
    I aM grateful for your post..

    1. Likewise sis. However, I've seldom tried shea butter on my scalp for fear of build up but I've heard great things about it when used this way.
      It's always a pleasure sis :)

  3. Man, I remember the days Dandruff was an issue when I was a kid long ago - or was it just dry scalp? Lol can't remember. Thank God that isn't the case today! Thank you for the clear simple tips :)

    Tell the World

    1. Yup, them days! With all the miseducation we had about hair, I'm not surprised.
      Pleasure sis :)

  4. nice post and great blog

  5. Thank you for your advice. The honey I am going to try if it works for me i will pass it to my pregnant bloggers. Pregnant women have many hair issues and would like to stay away from chemicals. I promote healthy and natural choices. Great blog!!

    1. Hi.
      Honey is a great ingredient! Can't wait to see how it works out for you.
      Thank you for dropping by.


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