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- Psalms 27 : 1

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hair Update : The 3 Minutes Puff

Busy schedules come with a price. Something has to be sacrificed to make more time for other things. In my case, it was time spent on my hair amongst other things. In less than a month my morning hair routine has been cut down to mere minutes. This meant I had to change my techniques and styles. Therefore, puffs - being easy, quick and needing practically no tools - became my go-to style. I was able to improve my mastery and before I knew it I was doing puffs in just three minutes or so. Of course as the days went by I realized I had to get creative because lack of time does not mean lack of style. 

This was Friday's look. I enhanced the puff with a simple scarf.

What are your favorite quick and easy styles?



  1. Puffs are always simple to do but I also like styles whipped up with a few bobby pins.. mostly fro hawks and updos.. you can never go wrong with them

  2. Hey ! It looks great ! When I know I'm gonna be busy and will have almost no time to worry about my hair/hairstyle I use long term hairstyle like mini braids or twists that I can style different ways. If I don't even have the time to do these, I will do a quick bun or sort of up do that can be kept several days.
    Btw I can't wait till the day I will be able to try your moisturizer with malva marshmallow and some of your soaps too. Three is my number so congrats on your 3d years post perm.
    Take care <3

  3. Hey
    I usually do protective styles like braids and do up-dos, they make getting ready for school so much easier and effortless.

  4. Aww...babes, you look absolutely lovely!

    Tell the World

  5. Favorite quick and easy style? Buns or updos. Favorite accessory? (Even though you didn't ask? Lol.) Scarves! Love yours btw.

  6. When I have a tight schedule, braids and twist are my thing. I. An get them done in no time and escape morning hair rituals for days and sometimes weeks.

  7. Oops I meant I CAN not ' I . An'


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