"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Wednesday, October 17, 2012



It's no joke that seasons change. I should know because I've been living it first hand. It's nasty end result was my absence from blogging. The main culprit has been the new school year. My prime occupation has therefore been organizing myself around my different goals and activities. Of course the notion of priorities had to be installed or else nothing would be accomplished. It hurt to have to trim down the attention I gave certain certain things and in some cases I had to put an end to other things I was used to doing. New habits also had to be put in place and so on...It nearly felt as if I was rearranging my room. Of course rooms are not on the same level as life and everything that comes with it but just like sometimes it's hard to let go of a certain object that had been lying around for years on your table though you see no present need for it so it was to let go of some habits that seemed to be eating away at my time and clustering up my life. 
Enough about me. However, I would like to apologize for my absence. Getting back into blogging has been like testing the waters...With so many ideas and posts on my mind...I just haven't had time to put them down and there is just something about getting back into habit.
However, my being back is all about making the effort to continue what I'd started and give much more. My best is what I'll try to give in respect to my present lifestyle according to the grace God gives. 
I pray all is well with you all and I am excited to hear what has been going on with you. I would like to especially thank those that have asked after me, were praying for me and kept me in their thoughts. Thank you to all my new followers and old ones alike.

Stay tuned.



  1. Yay. Welcome back! :)

    A lot of us go through the same changes you went through. You just have to make time for each responsibility and hobby. I hope you get a hang of your 'new' life. I'm looking forward to your future posts! :)

    1. Thank you sis! It's good to be back :)

  2. welcome back.. looking forward to reading ur new updates soon!!

    1. Thank you sis!! :) I really appreciate you asking after me.


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