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Saturday, August 4, 2012

What Is Hair Elasticity?


Hair elasticity is the hair's ability to stretch when tugged & to return to it's initial position when released.

What does it matter?

Hair elasticity is the sign of healthy hair - moisture & protein balanced hair that is. If the hair can easily return to it's initial position after stretching without breaking off (snapping)then the hair is in optimal condition. Hair elasticity is especially manifested when the hair is dripping wet. The hair stretches out as the water molecules fill the hair strands and are pulled down by the weight, however, immediately the hair starts to dry, shrinkage sets in again.
Proper hair elasticity is important for proper hair care and proper hair care is essential for maintaining hair elasticity. That is why it's important to moisturize and reinforce the hair fibers with protein as frequently as needed. Since elasticity is especially evident when the hair is wet, the best time to detangle is when the hair strands are drenching wet and can easily stretch when pulled by the comb instead of snapping and breaking off.
Elasticity is also a great tool for stretching the hair and adding  bit of length to a hair style.

To avoid breakage due to lack of elasticity

● moisturize frequently
● deep condition often
● protein-treat as often as your hair needs it
● incorporate natural powders that add body and elasticity(especially ayuverdic powders) to your regimen
● don't manipulate your hair too much when dry
● detangle your hair when wet and with conditioner in it
● maintain a healthy diet (apart for your own well being) to promote proper protein production for the hair


  1. I'm glad that you mentioned to "don't manipulate your hair too much when dry". So many times I find myself with my hand in my hair. Pulling stretching or trying to twist it into some sort of different style. Hair is healthier if you leave it alone.

    1. indeed sis!
      Natural hair is best just left alone. Breakage comes easy with over-manipulation.


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