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- Psalms 27 : 1

Friday, August 3, 2012

Love Lipstick, Love Lip Scrub

Being a lipstick lover, I realized early that lip scrubs were indispensable for my skin care regimen if I wanted to continue indulging in wearing lipstick.
I tried ignoring this for a while - the thought of adding a lip scrub to my already buzzing schedule seemed a bit too much. But of course, lipstick & chapped lips is not at all the most glamorous move to make, in fact, this combination does not at all compliment the wearer (far from it) nor the lipstick either. 
Frequent lip scrubs are essential for frequent lipstick wearers. If you love lipstick, then you should start falling in love with lip scrubs. Lip scrubs remove dead skin cells, soften the lips, moisturize & keep it healthy.

I was challenged to take my lip scrub regimen more seriously after reading a post by Sabe on her lip scrub experience (her blog - Le blog de Sabe - is filled with natural hair & beauty tips! If you can read French, I strongly advise you to visit it!) I decided to try her recipe & tweaked it a bit.

Sabe's recipe : 2 crushed sugar cubes // a bit of honey // a bit of olive oil (or any other vegetable oil) // an old but clean toothbrush

My recipe1 tsp white sugar // 2 tsp honey // 1 tsp of olive oil  // a new toothbrush

I applied the mix on my lips then scrubbed (as lightly as possible) with the toothbrush. I then rinsed with warm water and then cold. I was quick to moisturize with lip balm (that contains shea butter & cocoa butter). the whole process does not take longer than 5 minutes. Quick and effective!

  I couldn't use up all the mix but I nearly did. Half of the recipe is largely enough. I advise using an old toothbrush as Sabe suggested because a new one is a bit harsh.

What I got was mega smooth & moisturized lips! Next time I applied lipstick, I knew I had to be more consistent with my lip scrubs. 
I have added this to my regimen now & do it weekly. 

So ladies, if you appreciate lipstick, you'll appreciate it more with frequent lip scrubbing. Maximize your lipstick wearing experience by incorporating lip scrubs to your regimen!


  1. great post!!! I need to start doing lip scrubs. Since I already have everything in your recipe, I'm going to try it out. thanks for sharing.

    1. Pleasure sis!!
      Let me know how it goes! :)

  2. Never heard of this before. I am so gonna add it to my regimen. Thanks for sharing.

    So how often do you recommend it to be done?

    1. Pleasure sis!! :)
      I recommend at least once a week. But you can even go up to twice depending on the condition of your lips.

  3. what if one isnt a lipstick wearer, is it still a regimen to follow?

    1. Yes indeed sis!!
      Keeps the lips healthy & moisturized :)


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