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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hair Update : Length Check August 2012

Finally, a hair update! It's been a long time coming. 
To be completely honest with you, up until this week I'd been adopting the no maintenance approach due to longer working hours, outstanding deadlines & preparations to make...This left my hair practically dry most of the time so I always saw it best to not manipulate my hair but instead grab a scarf.
This week, it's been mostly buns & puffs - because they are so easy and quick now with the length of my hair - however, my edges can only take so much tension (in fact, very little tension) though I use a loose scrunchie or stocking hair band.

Yesterday, I finally pampered my hair to some much needed TLC. Rhassoul clay deep conditioner was on the menu & what good that did after 6 hours of waiting. My hair is back to it's old soft, moisturized & lustrous self but I fear my ups & downs with keeping my strict regimen has had adverse effects on length retention.

I realized this today after checking my length. I did it over and over again to realize I've barely retained any length from the last length check. I compared the pictures & could barely really believe my eyes. Three months later, it was almost as if I hadn't really retained any length. It was really baffling. I trimmed before doing the length check but I didn't even cut up to an inch off. If you've been following long enough, you'll remember I used to do a length check every 2 months and I used to retain at least 1 inch of hair during those three months.

Now I'm open to options. I'm careful to not blame it all on length retention but also on hair growth. This spring & summer have been buzzing with activity. Stress, a poor diet, lack of exercise etc can contribute to lack of hair growth. I know I certainly am not loosing my hair and I haven't really been suffering from serious breakage, so it all falls mostly on growth.

I admit I have not been able to care for my hair as much as I'd love to but I don't believe it was that bad...if it's mostly on hair growth...I can see how because I've actually had a lot on my plate.

With a length goal ahead, I know I have to step up my game. I am quite disappointed but I am also glad because this is a source of motivation for me to keep up what I'd already started. Now I know I do have to take better care of my scalp - by primarily avoiding clogging & dryness - & my ends too - concentrating more on moisturizing, sealing & protecting.
This calls for taking a deeper look into my regimen & rectify the necessary.

Have you ever had setbacks concerning hair growth & length retention?



  1. I can so relate, the past few months stress has left a bit of its mark where I also have seen no difference in growth, I've had to resort to a protective style which I'm hoping will ease the pressure off my hair and also give me one less thing to think about. Praying that God once again takes control of life and even the heads on our hair so we learn to trust Him as to not affect our physical wellbeing.

    1. A big AMEN to that sis!! I pray all is well with you.
      I am also going to have to make some changes concerning my hair regimen.
      Thank you for the input sis :)

  2. Hi Funbi I am just stopping by to catch up on what you've been up to (smiles).

    I am not keeping up with my hair growth because I keep using braids as my low maintenance options to help me get back in shape. I had baby # 4 months ago and I am focusing on exercising rather than my hair.

    I have never tried a clay treatment you got me curious about try one soon!

    1. Hi sis!! Thank you for stopping by.
      Pray you & your family are well especially the little one :)
      Clay treatments are GREAT from head to toe sis! My all time favorite is rhassoul clay!
      Thank you for your input! I hope your exercising regimen is going well.

  3. I had a lot of set backs in the first 2 years of my journey no thanks to my oversaby. I had to cut off a lot of length twice until I learnt to let the mane be. Recently, I've been retaining more length than I used to and I attribute that to my low maintenance regimen. I've cut down on the combing, the styling and too much product(little goes a long way). And when I get too busy, I wash, deep condition, stretch and style my hair into loose twists or extensions. That way I get to focus on what really matters.

    1. Let me add that your hair looks nice and healthy in all pictures... don't worry too much about the length okay?

    2. Lol at oversaby sis! You are right, that can also impede growth instead of encourage it! You are right, my hair regimen is also supposed to focus on what really matters but sometimes my hair seems to need a little bit more or maybe it's just me not really giving the "essentials". I really admire your low maintenance regimen...when I try to go real low on maintenance I end up doing no maintenance lol. But it's still a work in progress and I'm really taking notes daily.
      Thanks for your input sis & lovely words! You really know how to make a sister smile :)
      Okay oo, i no go worry oo ;)

  4. My advice would be to take your focus off the length and just focus on keeping your hair feeling and looking healthy. Try not to slack off on pampering your tresses. This is what I do with my hair and since I went natural, I haven't had any setbacks not really and only really notice my hair growth from other ppl's remarks. I am more concerned about how my hair looks and feels. I do baby my ends and watch out for how much shedding I get and adjust my regimen. Busy schedules can really cause havoc which is why I am constantly looking for ways to simplify my regimen while keeping the important aspects of it. Even during really busy times, I end up with updos ( with pins) that have my ends tucked in but that I find helps me maintain the moisture.

    1. Hi Honey!
      Thank you for stopping by. You are right, pampering is key. I'm also aware of focusing on healthy hair...it had always been my focus but healthy hair yields appropriate growth (I've always told myself) but now, i think I'm really going to try ignoring growth and focus 100% on my hair as you advice. I am also working on sticking to what is really important when it comes to my regimen because my schedule seems to only get busier sometimes.
      Thank you for your input sis! It's much appreciated :)

  5. Stress and poor diet can kill any growth. Also if you have been sick at any time during the past 3 months that will hinder growth. Drink water and eat some veggies that will hope. Try to get some exercise even if it is taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you for your input sis!!
      I'm going to pay more attention to what I eat and keep an eye on my health.
      I really appreciate the advice ;)

  6. Woaw the first pics is a braid out (isn't it ?) ant your hair is gorgeous. I think I'll have to cut my ends again (did it during summer) because at some places they're really thin. I'm trying to wait till the end of the year to see if it's damage or just what is called leading hair.

    1. It's actually a twist out! :) Thank you!!
      That sounds like a great idea, as long as your hair is healthy...that's what matters.
      Thanks for sharing sis :)

    2. oh ok still gorgeous though ^^ (it looks like my braid out lol) how did you proceed ? (large, medium,thin twists with what products, how long have u kept the twists in, were they made on dry or wet hair etc... ?)


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