"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Soul Food : Promotion

"God testified concerning him: ‘I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.’"

- Acts 13 : 22

This is our verse for the week.

We all know the story of David. One day a shepherd boy and the next, future king. God choose David, because he had something different. God said, "I have found a man after my own heart". David was different. He was not like Saul at all, who preferred to obey the people rather than God. He wasn't like those that belonged to Saul's army either, who were shivering before Goliath. The first thing that jumps at us about him is his knowledge of God. When he saw Goliath, he knew that the God he served was more than able to bring him down. He did not consider his statue, his inexperience or age but because he knew God cannot be limited by those things, he went ahead and conquered [1 Samuel 1].

But looking at David's life, God just kept promoting Him. From shepherd boy to serving Saul in the palace, to being anointed king, then victorious over and over again over Saul then finally king. Why did God keep His eyes on Him, favor Him & kept promoting Him. For one, David was not perfect, he was a man like all of us. However, he had that special attribute, "a man after God's own heart". He sought God with everything
He worshipped Him with everything[Chronicles 21 : 24], put Him first [2 Samuel : 7] & He worshipped God without a care in the world nor considered what others thought about him [2 Samuel 6 : 14] instead, he gave God His all. He might not have been perfect, but his heart was after God, in love with God & wanted just God.
The secret to David's frequent promotion was not because he had people's favor, was smart, intelligent or any of that but it was because he was faithful to God right from the little thing, his heart being after God. Because David was totally in submission to God, seeking & wanting to do His will, he was able to be faithful to the tasks God gave him right from the beginning
Do you think God made Him a shepherd boy at a young age for nothing? God was using it to prepare him & test him. If he has been unfaithful with looking after his father's sheep, doing it half-heatedly & grudgingly, do you think God would have put him over his people? Because he was faithful with his father's sheep, using all the abilities God gave him to look after them [1 Samuel 17 : 34 - 37], God saw in him the right leader for His people and promoted him as king. But note, he did not become king immediately. He had to forego another series of tests (not harming Saul, sticking to God, not loosing faith etc.) and he passed them all, making God promote him even higher.

David's life is a clear example of one fact : faithfulness is the key to promotion.
"For promotion comes neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south" as psalm 75 : 6 says but from God alone. And "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much" as Luke 16 : 10 says. 

If you're wondering why God hasn't taken you to the next level in your job, ministry or whatever else you might be looking up to God for, ask yourself if you are faithful in the little He already gave you. No matter what God has put you in charge of, even if it's nothing in your eyes, take it seriously. Remember that it's how you handle that "little thing" GOd has placed in your hands that determines how high you go next.
My pastor once said, "your attitude determines your altitude". Adopt an attitude of reverence, faith & obedience towards the things God has given you or put you in charge of & He will reward your faithfulness.

Remember, the story of Joseph too. If he has given up faith, and have not helped out the other prisoners but rather sulking & wallowing in self pity, I doubt God would have promoted him as second to Pharaoh.

Keep up your faithful work. God sees that sees all will reward you duly. 


  1. That's why we should never question or despise humble beginnings. God places us at a certain level, because He knows that the work there, will lead us to greater heights. We should never questions God's work. All we need to do is, ask and pray for consistency and the hard-work to do His work accordingly.

    It's like moving from an assistant to manager to director in whatever work-field you're in. You have to start somewhere. Being persistent and faithful in our work or ministry will bring us closer to our goal. The best is yet to come! :)

    1. You are absolutely right sis. We can't jump the ladder. God wants us to be good directors or CEOs in life, but first, we have to climb the ladder & prove ourselves faithful at every stage.
      Indeed sis, OUR best is yet to come!

      Thank you for your encouraging words! :)

  2. I truly appreciate your weekly verses! They enrich my understanding of Lord; thank you so much!!

    1. All the glory be to God alone!!
      I am glad the posts are of help to you :)
      God bless you richly

  3. Amen! This is an eyeopener. Thank you for sharing Sis.

    Tell the World

    1. All the glory be to God alone sis!!

  4. Beautiful! Very rich post.
    What is it you think you see? It's the God in she (Funbi). So much wisdom flows through you. His heavenly workmanship. Glory to God alone!!

    1. All the glory be to God alone indeed sis!!
      I'm so thankful to God this post was of help to you!
      May He continue to work through us for the glory of His name


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