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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top Products For Moisturized Hair


If you have been reading long enough, you will surely be aware of my long battle with getting moisture in my hair & retaining moisture. However, it's not just my battle. Natural hair is thirsty by nature therefore it is crucial to keep it moisturized. But the real problem is finding moisturizing products & keeping moisture in the hair. I have tried a number of products and the funny thing is that most of the commercial ones just didn't do it for my hair. Of course, after ample research I realized it was because of what I was really putting in my hair (the ingredients). I also realized, as I experimented & tried new products, that when it came to moisturizing my hair & keeping it moisturized, it was the simple things that counted. Most leave in conditioners just sat on my hair while some moisturizers just temporarily moisturized. When it comes to moisturizing natural hair, I have come to find out that, you don't need a ton of product in your hair & you don't have to re-moisturize ten times a day. 
Here is the golden list of my top moisturizers & a few tips to go along :


Water - water is an underrated substance yet this simple ingredient is the basis of any good moisturizer. It is the ultimate moisturizer (both for our hair & skin.
tip : I normally use water with something else because the moisturizing effects of water alone does not last unless it is trapped in the hair strands. It's a great refresher (especially if you don't want to weigh your hair down) & instantly moisturizes.

AREWA Naturals Herbal Hair Moisturizer - this is my daily hair spray. Though it's not in the shop yet, I will give you a sneak peak. Containing marshmallow & blue malva herbs, this spray moisturizes profoundly. It also detangles well.
tip : use in the morning before styling & at night before styling your hair for bed for cotton - soft hair

AREWA Naturals Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner - This creamy leave in is also a great conditioner. It is quickly absorbs in the hair and leaves it totally moisturized.
tip : use with water or daily spray for added protection, for sealing & during the colder months.

AREWA Naturals Shea & Cocoa Hair Butter - This is my all time favorite hair butter hands down. A creamy, butter - like mix containing ingredients that make the perfect sealant (and gives awesome definition). 
tip : use on top of water, daily spray or creamy moisturizer to add weight to hair, seal or during colder months for added protection.

Flax Seed Gel - This great gel can also serve as a moisturizer. Just apply to hair like you would a moisturizer.
tip : apply water to hair first before apply gel for better absorption into hair


Rhassoul Clay - My quick deep conditioning fix for moisturized hair, any day, any time. 
tip : use with coconut milk for added moisture & strength

Ayuverdic Herbs - Amla & brahmi are on top of the list. These powders are great moisturizers.
tip : use hers in conjunction for more benefits

Olive oil - top oil on my list when it comes to moisturizing & conditioning. 
tip : use as a pre poo for really moisturized hair

Honey - Honey is moisture - packed & full of nutrients for the hair.
tip : drop a table spoon worth of honey or more into your next DC or pre poo treatment for more moisture

Apple Cider Vinegar - I use ACV to close my cuticles at the end of wash day, keeping my hair moisturized by trapping in the moisture. It also adds shine & increases manageability. 
tip : always dilute! Use 1 portion ACV & 3 of water

Coconut Milk - One of my staples. i had to mention it. Moisturizing, strengthening & full of so many nutrients. Also smells yummy. Coconut milk is great for moisturizing but also for detangling.
tip : can be used alone or in a mix

What is your secret moisture arsenal?


  1. Coucou ! :)
    Flaxseed, marshmallow root, plantain seed gel was great after wetting hair with only plain water sometimes I sealed with oils sometimes I didn't but both ways hair was moisturized. To condition the third top you've wrote except that in lieu of olive oil I'll say oils my hair is a huge fan of oils (or is it me lol).

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