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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Secret To Washing Natural Hair Tangle Free


It's been a while, God knows, that I've been trying to make an official wash day video. Nothing big, just an informative video showing how my wash days normally play out & the different techniques I apply. However, it has been proving harder than I could ever have imagined. I have a number of clips of different wash days but I just can't seem to get a video of a WHOLE wash day. I've been wanting to share it, along with many other videos, with you but I trust the chance will soon come up.

When my hair started growing out and I could actually see the ends with my own eyes (instead of the mirror), I got acquainted with knots. Fairy knots, inter-strand knots, huge knots...you name it. Suddenly, washing my hair in four huge sections wasn't even an option anymore. I got tangles and knots from washing my hair in four sections not to talk of no sections at all!! When I started battling fairy knots, I knew the number one thins I had to fix was the way I manipulated my hair while washing it. Natural hair is at it's most vulnerable when wet because knots can easily form & the strands can tangle in between themselves. There was no such thing as wash and gos for me, or just letting all my hair down in the shower for a quick wash. No, it was more complicated than that. The "complexity" all falls down to the texture of my hair. I do not follow curl pattern guides or try categorizing my curls according to any system but for educational purposes, my curls are off the chart. I have really tight, beautiful curls that just love to inter-wine & intra-wine all day long. 

Now I know, this is not only my dilemma. Many natural ladies are out there wondering, how do I wash without tangles? During my journey, I have adopted a technique that has worked for my hair & have kept the knots and tangles at bay ( practically at zero). This might not apply to everyone because I know many can wash their hair loose and not have to worry about tangles and such but I also know others can't.

1. The trick is, washing in sections. I never wash my hair loose, or else I am begging for a hot mess! I always wash in sections. How do I do this?
Wash day always starts with me lightly moisturizing with water then putting in big twists (12-16 in all). Even before I put in the twists, I lather my hair with a pre poo mix! I will tell you why later. Once the twists are in, I can continue with my wash day. To shampoo, I keep the twists in! Yes. I shampoo with the twists because it's 
- much more easier to get to the scalp
- avoids our friends..knots & tangles
Do my hair & scalp get cleaned? Yes. Totally. After shampooing, I go on to do whatever else I want to do with the twists. of course I undo each one when applying  a deep conditioning mix, or when conditioning. I even detangle each twist at a time. I don't make the mistake of undoing all of them before detangling. Hello...knots!

2. The flip side of it is using, moisturizing & conditioning products with slip. Drying your hair out with harsh products, even if your hair is in sections can still cause knots because when the hair is moisturized, conditioned & with slip, the strands just slip by each other instead of actually getting all close and personal with each other. When the strands are coated with conditioning agents, they can barely knot up or cause tangles however, when the strands are dry, they easily form knots. That's why I always pre poo and apply the mix to each section before actually twisting, avoid knots. I am especially careful with my ends because they are the most vulnerable part of my strands. The ends form knots & tangle more easily, that's why I always try to twist to the ends & apply a generous amount of pre poo mix/deep conditioning mix/conditioner. When handling any of the twists, always make sure to apply product first, before trying to detangle (with whatever tool your hair is comfortable with).

At the end of my wash day, I go on to stretch my hair with the twist until they are dry to avoid knots & tangles. Don't be too hasty about undoing the twists, even after all the washes...unless you want to wear a wash and go (which, for your information, is one of the top causes of knots). You can apply product (leave in conditioner/moisturizer) to each section, re-twist and then let dry (at least 40% dry) for tangle free, stretched, moisturized, clean hair. You can then go on to style as you wish. 

How do you wash your hair while keeping keep knots & tangles at bay?


  1. I don't usually have a problem with tangles if I comb my hair out immediately after. I wonder if it's easier to deal with if you have a relaxer. I've never had one before.

    Great tips!


    1. Hi Nia. Thank you for passing by.
      Tangles are MUCH more easier to avoid with a relaxer.
      Thank you for sharinG! :)

  2. When I did my niece's hair last week I had to co-wash it in sections because it was so thick. You are completely right about the slip. I always error on the side of more conditioner to make sure that I have enough slip.

    1. Hey sis!!
      The thicker the way, the more easier it ill be to wash in sections!
      Thank you for sharing :)

  3. I never washed to prevent tangles but now I will. Thanks!

  4. I have to email this to my friend! She's natural but suffers from knotting and tangles every time she washes. This seems like a great technique

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    1. Glad to know it is of help & thanks for sharing it with your friend!

  5. how do you pronounce your name?


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