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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Questions We Ask : How To Get Softer Hair


This a question most of us have asked ourselves at least once during our journey. We wonder why our hair is not as soft as the other natural's hair. We try this product & that just for that cotton - soft hair. However, soft hair is a trademark of moisturized hair. To get fluffy - like soft hair, you need to get serious with moisturizing. No matter how dry by nature, kinky, curly, or the texture of your hair, moisturizing properly will yield the fruits of soft hair.

Here are a few tips :


Deep conditioning - frequent deep conditioning treatments moisturize the hair, leaving it soft for a certain period depending on the treatment. 

Pre poos - a quick moisturizing mix before shampooing is a great way to get the hair moisturized even before you deep condition. This increases moisture levels & prevents moisture from being lost while shampooing. 

[Hot] oil treatments - oils are great for conditioning & trapping in moisture. You can use it as a pre poo treatment, a pre deep conditioning treatment or with your deep conditioning treatment. Oils have large molecules that trap in water molecules, keeping the hair moisturized.

Conditioning - a great way to add some moisture to your strands. You can condition after deep conditioning, shampooing or just co-wash, depending on your regimen. 

Hair rinses - after washing the hair, rinsing with herbs, teas or ACV is a great way to seal the cuticles. Sealing the cuticles keeps moisture in the strands. An acidic mix is best [a pH of 4.0 - 5.5 is optimal]


Leave  in conditioner - after washing, applying a leave in is the right way to make sure you keep all the moisture gained in there. It also adds some more moisture.

Moisturizing sprays - great for topping up your moisture levels daily.

Butters - natural sealants, for keeping in moisture.


Stretching - for cotton like soft hair, lightly stretching the hair with twists, braids or flat twist/braids is a great way to get soft hair.

Protective styling - Wearing protective styles such as twists, braids, flat twists/braids for a certain period helps keep the moisture levels in the hair up. It is also a good idea to wear a protective style to sleep each night to avoid loss of moisture.

How do you get your hair cotton - soft?


  1. Hi Funbi

    I use a version of the LOC method and I love it. I love the SMCE Smoothie and Curling Souffle Combination for twist outs and my hair feels like its saying thank you!

    Have a great day and your hair is always FAB!

    1. Hi sis!!
      Thank you for sharing :)

  2. All great tips! I've found using the Terressentials hair wash is leaving my hair super soft.

    1. Hey sis!
      Thank you for sharing :)

  3. awesome tips, I have natural hair too and its great to find a new blog.xx

    1. Thank you sis!
      Thank you for dropping by :)

  4. I use lots and lots of conditioner. If I want soft hair I have to avoid gels and anything that has alcohol or other drying ingredients.

    1. Hi Jen!
      Likewise sis. Conditioner does a good job and it has to be all natural & beneficial ingredients.
      Thank you for sharing sis!

  5. Replies
    1. Pleasure sis! Glad it was of help!

  6. Deep conditioning is certainly great, I feel the softness up to three days after a DC.

    1. Likewise sis!! Deep conditioning can transform my hair drastically!


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