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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Natural Hair ABCs : The Role Of Oils & Butters

Oils and butters are a part of any hair regimen, however, their role seeks to be gravely misunderstood.

Many times we see & make statements like "moisturize with a butter or an oil..." It's a phrase that I've seen over and over again in different forms but it is a serious misunderstanding.

Please note, oils & butters do not moisturize. Though they aid in the moisturizing process they themselves do not moisturize. It's a concept that is simply misunderstood and this mistake leads to improper handling when it comes to taking care of our hair.

Applying butters or oils alone does not moisturize the hair. What you will get is  oily yet thirsty strands. Not only is this inconvenient - walking around with greasy hair - but it is also bad for the hair. Oil molecules are bigger than water molecules so they stop moisture from getting in. When you apply butters & oils alone to your hair, you will not be able to moisturize your hair properly thus causing dryness.

Butters & oil, prevent the loss of moisture, by keeping it in the hair strands. They also add elasticity, shine & promote softness. All these characteristics are easily & better observed when butters & oils are used to seal in moisture instead of being used as moisturizing agents.

So, just so that we are clear, we cannot just slap on oils & butters and expect our hair to be moisturized. Moisture comes from water, hydrsols etc. Oils & butters are great for sealing in acquired moisture but not for gaining it. Many oils & butters are also packed with many nutrients and have numerous healing properties. [watch out for my list of favorite butters & oils ;) ]

Another way to use oils & butters is to add them in your conditioners and shampoos for extra moisture, slip & great detangling.

Don't forget : sealing with oils & butters daily after moisturizing promotes moisture-packed, healthy & lustrous strands.


  1. Thank you for the explanation!!

  2. When I was transitioning last year, I would always get confused by this. I still have yet to find a moisturizer. It's the hardest thing EVER!

    1. Likewise! You are right, finding THE moisturizer is a challenge.

  3. Great info Funbi! I used to think Oils moisturized my hair but now I know different. Understanding that butters and oils are 'sealant' helps you know when and how much to use.

    1. Thank you sisi! Glad it was of help :)
      Indeed sis!! Knowledge is power :)

  4. Thanks for the info. Was once ignorant to this.

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