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- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Search For The Ultimate Deep Conditioner : Brahmi + Coconut Milk DC

Happy Father's day!!

I pray you've had a wonderful day with all the fathers & fathers to be in your lives. May God continue to strengthen, enrich & give them wisdom in Jesus' name. Amen.

Today's gist is about brahmi powder. I purchased brahmi powder at the same time as amla powder but only got to use it last week. I wasn't expecting much though I'd heard a number of things about it. 

My mix contained : 4 tbsp amla powder // 2 tbsp brahmi + amla oil // about 8 tbsp coconut milk / 3+ tbsp warm water
It formed a thick paste that was quite hard to spread on my hair.
I left it in for just one hour & boy was I surprised at the results. My hair was so detangled, smooth, moisturized & strengthened it was ridiculous. It felt like I'd done a mask, deep conditioning treatment, conditioned & detangled all in one. There isn't much to say but that I love this powder now. No joke, it's not underrated at all.
One thing I didn't like though were the grains the mix left behind! I mean even a week later while washing my hair again I still found some in there! I really want to find a way to eliminate them because they are even worse than shikakai grains & don't really come out easy at all.
Overall, I love this mix & definitely recommend brahmi powder to you all. I especially recommend it to those that have really dry, weak & breaking hair. Before doing this DC my hair was really dry but afterwards...boom! Moisture levels were up & stayed there.

Have you ever tried brahmi powder?


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  1. I know this post is late, but, upon rinsing thoroughly slather on a generous amount of an inexpensive conditioner and proceed to co-wash this granules out, reapply and handle your showering business!!!


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