"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hair Update : The Doughnut Bun

This post is long overdue & yes, a hair update is even more overdue. Two weeks ago, buns were my go-to style. For those that didn't know, buns are a staple & I wear them to any occasion. Not only are buns a stylish & quick way to get an effortlessly gorgeous look but they are great for protecting our ends, especially in winter when we need that protection the most.

I do prefer the doughnut bun to the semi - ponytails because I don't have to use an elastic band & it gives a neater look.

Do you wear buns?


  1. I love buns! They are classy and elegant. I've worn them a few times in the past, but it comes with too much tension. My hair/head is very sensitive, so hair-styles like that are a pain!

    I like the bun on you; very pretty! I also like the head-band! :)

    1. Thank you sis!!
      I also hate putting tension on my hair because like you, it also ends up hurting me. However, I use an old stocking and with this I can get very light tension & zero pain in fact the stocking is very light on my head. I hate using bands no matter how stretched out I make them.
      Hope that helps sis.

  2. The buns look good on you. I can't wear a bun yet, still growing my hair out.

  3. So cute! I like that headband too!

  4. GIRL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Seriously! You look so innocent and so cute.

    Tell the World

    1. Thank you sis! Lol, I don't know about the "innocent part".

  5. Je bis ce qui est dit plus haut tu es vraiment belle !! Tu tiens la tête (en gros tu portes bien les chignons).


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