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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yoruba Word Of The Week : Arewa

Arewa --

Yoruba word for beautiful woman

This is one of my [amongst many others] favorite Yoruba words.

The word incorporates another Yoruba word, ewa [beauty], which is close to another word iwa. Iwa means character. Therefore in early Yoruba culture, a woman who had character [integrity; virtuous etc] was considered beautiful. This is my personal conclusion but I believe ewa originates from iwa thus my conclusion. 
Whatever the case, real ewa flows from within not outside in. A real arewa is called so because of what she carries in her not what she wears on her; she is praised for her ewa because of what is in her head not because of what hair style she has on her head.
With that being said, an arewa, after building that beauty from within, works on the one outside without compromising or neglecting the one that comes from within - which is the one that should come first.

The noun is : Arewa and a simple sentence : "Arewa ni e" (You are a beautiful woman).


  1. Beautiful and that woman is certainly beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. Have a good memorial weekend.

    1. Yes indeed sis! It's a pleasure. Thank you & likewise!

  2. I like this post...yoruba words carry a lot of weight


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