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Friday, May 25, 2012

Skin Care : Chocolate & Peppermint Homemade Shaving Cream

Shaving properly has always been an issue with me. Though I'd always had a hard time getting the right technique, using the right product to shave had always been a bigger problem. I'd been content with commercial bought shaving creams - from the creams that don't need razors to foams that do - until I started getting serious razor bumps and what's more, these shaving creams were too expensive for my own reasoning so I stopped buying commercial shaving creams altogether. I then turned to more natural & cheaper alternatives - from oils, natural soaps to and even conditioner. Unfortunately, the razor bumps persisted & they have for years now until I decided I seriously had to do something about my shaving experience. One thing I definitely knew I had to change was my technique but the biggest change I needed was a new shaving cream.
Firstly, for those that are not aware, razor bumps are the result of skin irritation towards shaving. After shaving, the hair - especially curly hair - tends to curl back into the skin instead of growing out of the hair follicle leading to inflammation. This causes a painful & itchy bump. Razor bumps are can be very uncomfortable not to talk of unattractive. The best way to avoid razor bumps is to shave properly & use a very good shaving cream.
A good shaving cream should be skin-friendly & contain moisturizing, protective, healing & anti-bacterial ingredients. Finding a shaving cream like this in the shops is very rare & can be very costly. So I decided to make one myself. After many disasters I finally came up with one that my skin loves!

Chocolate & Peppermint Shaving Cream

Ingredients : 200 g/7.05 oz natural soap // 200 ml/6.7 fl oz water // 2 tbsp cocoa butter // 1 tbsp macadamia butter // 2 tbsp shea butter // 2 tbsp glycerin // 1 tbsp babassu oil // 1 tbsp coconut oil // 1 tbsp wheat germ oil // 1 tbsp olive oil // 3 tbsp cocoa powder // 5 drops tea trea eo // 15 drops lavender eo // 20 drops peppermint eo

Directions : chop soap into small pieces and melt in water in double boiler or leave overnight. Melt butters separately. Add butters, oils & glycerin. Mix with a hand mixer (not too fast so as to prevent foaming -- this is not a shaving foam!). Put in freezer for a few minutes until it stats to solidify. mix some more. A thick homogenous mix should form. Add cocoa powder (slowly to favor proper dispersion) & the essential oils. Mix some more. You should have a smooth, thick shaving cream by now that smells like chocolate paradise!

Why these ingredients? These butters & oils are great for the skin. Cocoa butter favors skin healing & so those macadamia & shea butter. The oils too are great for the skin, leaving it moisturized, revitalized & protected. The cocoa powder leaves the skin soft & moisturized. The antioxidants in cocoa butter & powder are also great for keeping the skin in optimum health. The essential oils are great for keeping the skin clean (from bacterial infection) & keeping skin irritation away.

You can play with the ingredients and add your favorite oils & butters or omit some of the thing I added. Personalize it as you wish. [I would advice you though to not add too much peppermint EO because it could become irritating to the skin] I love this shaving cream because it makes shaving so much easier with the sip & leaves a protect film for the skin. It can be used for any part of the body & by both ladies AND gents. So, if you want to treat your man, why don't you make him some homemade shaving cream that I am sure he will appreciate and love and is skin will appreciate it.

This makes for over 1/2 liter/17 fl oz of shaving cream so you can cut the recipe in half. The cocoa powder does clump after a day or two (you'll see small dark spots of chocolate) but don't worry, it doesn't mean it has gone bad. The more you mix the less it should clump. The smell is not as strong as I'd like it to be so you can either increase the EOs & cocoa powder according to your preference.

What is your favorite shaving aid?
Thinking of trying the recipe? If so, please share the results.


  1. These are all such great ingredients but my hair is sooo greddy that I'd probably feel bad applying it to my legs haha! xxx

    1. Lol! That's was the issue with me at first too! My hair still gets most of the yummy goodies though :)

  2. Try try try It will definitely get you some result.

  3. Looks lovely! I'm gonna try. Love your blog continue to grow in your walk with Christ!


    1. Thank you sis. Glad the blog is of help. A big AMEN to that prayer!!

  4. Lovely! I love DIY but I never thought to make my own shaving cream. I use Kiss My Face Fragrance-Free Moisture Shave. It's a natural shaving cream that's super moisturizing.

    1. Never heard of that one but sounds good sis :)
      Thank you for sharing

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