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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Search For The Ultimate Conditioner : Amla + Coconut Milk DC

Two days later and another post! Not bad huh? I pray all is well with everyone. I have a compilation of posts I cannot wait to share with you all but need to find the time to invest in that so stay tuned!

Today's post is about the last deep conditioning mix I tried.
After having heard so many things about amla powder and the other ayuverdic powders for that matter, I was drawn to try it. I visited the Indian grocery stores near my area in an effort to purchase amla powder but to no avail. For a while, I forgot about it until I found it online (on a site with a reasonable shipping price). I was quick to order.
Amla powder is obtained from the dried amla fruit, which is found in abundance in India. It's not only beneficial for the hair but also for the skin & the organism as a whole (when taken internally).  Amla strengthens the hair, gives luster & provokes hair grow. It is also used as a treatment for the skin to fight blemishes & wrinkles, by rejuvenating the skin & repairing damaged tissue.
I got the chance to try it last week. 
My mix contained : 4 tbsp amla powder // 2 tbsp olive oil // about 8 tbsp coconut milk / 3 tbsp warm water
It formed a thick paste that I was quick to saturate my hair with.
I wore a plastic cap and a scarf over it. 
I had planned to leave the mix on for an hour but an hour turned into 9 hours! How ridiculous is that right? Well, I didn't have time to rinse it out before going out so I just left it in. And let me say, it was well worth it because my hair was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOFT when I rinsed it out. It was not only soft but silky, strengthened, stretched and detangled. Yes, I am one to be careful of spelling errors but I had to write that 'so' in that way so you would catch my drift. I don't think my hair has ever felt that soft after a deep conditioning treatment. Now, whether it was the coconut milk, nine hours or amla powder, you ask? Well, I think it's all of it. I have used coconut milk in other recipes and have left some for a long period of time too but nothing has ever made my hair feel this good, the only thing that comes close is rhassoul clay. So, yes, I do think it's the amla powder. 
I give it a thumbs up but - pump your breaks - one thing I do not like about my experience are the grains the mix leaves behind. The amla powder I purchased is not totally smooth so after rinsing over and over again, I still had a head full of grains. I tried my all to get them off but it was taking too much time and too much effort. However, as my hair dried, they kind of fell off but not all of them. That's my only reservation about amla powder though I believe other powders could be smoother than the one I bought.
Will I be using it again? Oh yes, definitely. According to my first use, I believe it's a great addition to any healthy hair regimen. 
So give it a try!

Have you ever tried amla powder?
If so how & what were your results?



  1. Awesome recipe, thanks for sharing beautiful sis!

    1. It's a pleasure sis!! Pray all is well with you :)

  2. I haven't so far but I try tea rinse with brahmi and will do the same with amla but since I am in braids I don't know if using it is a good idea... After I rinsed, my hair was soft too.

    1. Ohhh a tea rinse? That sounds nice. I've never tried brahmi but will be doing it soon by the grace of God

  3. How often would you recommend doing this treatment?

  4. Strain your concoction with cheesecloth prior to application & you won't have grains left in your hair.


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