"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hair Update : Casual Twist Outs

Finally! An update. Yes, it's been a long time coming. 
After weeks of practically neglecting my hair & putting off styling, it is time to start rocking it once more.
Yesterday, I decided to wear one of my staple styles - twist outs.
Easy, quick & totally appropriate for any occasion.
I put in big twists the night before after moisturizing and the next morning -- voilĂ !

The light was too bright and made my hair dull. But really, it was  black
It was a pretty casual day, thus the title. I love twist outs because I can wear them with anything on any day! I also like how each attempt always has it's own original edge, making it hard to have the exact same look each time.

How have you been wearing your hair?



  1. Same as you but my twist out is a big funky fro! Love it!!

  2. Nice twist out! You look great.

  3. you look very good and healthy.

    1. Thank you sis! Pray all is well with you

  4. I've been wearin this bad boy in a braid out/ twist out. I love your top my they way.

    Kami from brokefashionista11.blogspot.com

    1. Twist/braid outs are also staples of mine. Thank you sis!! :)

  5. Long time sis!
    Good to see you back in the blogger world.
    Love the hair and that top.
    I have been wearing wash and go lately:)

    1. Yes indeed sis!! So good to read your comment!
      Thank you sis!!
      Wash & go!! Sounds good :)

  6. j'aime beaucoup !! You make me want to do some but when my hair is out I tend to neglect it. I was wearing updos and bun for the last days but I recently did mini braids I go back to long term PS.

    1. Merci ma soeur!! Yes, I have to be strict about how I take care of it because I also used to neglect my hair being used to protective styles. That sounds nice sis! I was also thinking about doing twists to give my hair some rest

  7. if you just take twist outs and put a curl definer into it ( for example , twisted sista) will it work? or will your hair keep its shape?

    1. Hi Imani.

      It will most likely not work.

      Hope that helps :)
      Don't hesitate to ask anymore questions you may have


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