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- Psalms 27 : 1

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hair Update : Capstone Braid Outs

Sunday was a marvelous day. It had been a long & tiring yet worth while weekend. Since I'd been wearing twist & braid outs during the week before, I decided to continue the pattern.

These are braid outs done just the night before with my favorite hair butter after moisturizing. The strange thing is, I wasn't expecting this much definition because I only did four huge braids. Now thinking about it, I realize big/hue braids & twists come out better with my hair & give the definition I desire.  

One thing I love in particular about braid outs is the fact that they do not shrink up like most twist outs. My hair stayed the same length all day but frizzed up a bit from my constant touching (I know, I know...hand in hair issues... :] )

Do you wear braid outs?
How do you get the perfect braid outs? 


  1. Your hair looks great. Love those earrings too!

  2. Wahou love your make up too. Tu es très belle.

  3. You look so fab!
    I did my first ever braid out a while ago but with a lot of plaits and I looved the way it turned out.


    1. Thanks sis!! That sounds great! Must have looked great with your TWA!

  4. You look wonderful Sis! Love the definition! Your hair's so full!

    Tell the World

  5. I too tend to touch my hair a lot when I'm loving a certain style. Just can't help myself. This is very cute on you! You should wear your hair like this more often.

  6. Beautiful sis..simply beautiful. I love your glasses:)

  7. Third picture from the top is GORGEOUS!

    Yes, I wrote braid outs but not as often as twist outs. I really should put the braid outs in the rotation more often. I love them, too. And yes, the reduced shrinkage in braid outs is definitely a major difference with twist outs.


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