"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Sunday, May 27, 2012

DatFunkyFro News : Awesome Blogger Award

Suprise, surprise! -- This was what I thought when I found out the the lovely Natmane of Deepbrown Kinks has given me the Awesome Blogger Award. For those that didn't know, Natmane's very informative & versatile blog is my go-to for naturals in Nigeria. She is a fun & creative lady with a sense of humor to go.
Be sure to check out her blog!

Now back to the award. The rules are as simple as ABC -
Share 7 facts about yourself and award 7 other blogs.

Well then, here goes :

1. Basketball is my favorite sport ❘ Though I haven't played in a bit, I am seriously working on getting back on the court!

2. I love tea!!!  Be it black, green, blue (okay, blue doesn't exist) :) I also love anything I can drink as tea (infusions) such as ginger root. I drink hot drinks ALL year round. Summer's got nothing on me

3. My all time favorite family t.v shows are : Fresh Prince of Belair & Family Matters ❘ Yes, these have stopped airing but I still prefer them to t.v shows these days & only watch them when I want to watch a good, clean, original show.

5. I don't really like reading instruction manuals ❘ I don't know what you'll call this but it's certainly not laziness. I just don't like wasting time doing something when I am sure I can figure out the gadget or do-ickey myself.

6. Rice, "dodo" & hot stew are my all time favorite food ❘ Yes a post has to be made to clarify this! This is a Nigerian dish but unfortunately, I have to cut down on the "dodo" which is actually fried plantain

7. I love jazz ❘ Call me an old-school at heart if you like. This is one of my favorite musical genres. I don't know but jazz has this pizzazz & gets you right in the soul where it matters. Soothing, healing, even liberating. A little bit of Mr. Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald or Mel Torme anyone? 

I am passing this award to 7 awesome blogs :

Don't hesitate to click on the link & check these blogs out!!



  1. Ow that's so sweet thank you. Je ne manquerai pas de répondre.
    Prend soin de toi :)

    1. It's a pleasure sis! Can't wait to read yours!
      Toi aussi, prend soin de toi ;)

    2. Depuis tout ce temps je suis perturbée car tout ce que tu as écris j'aurais pu l'écrire aussi ^^. Et du coup je sais pas quoi mettre.
      I hope everything is alright and that your business se porte bien (don't know how to write it well in english)

    3. Merci beaucoup!! Tout va bien Dieu merci! My business is also doing well!
      Ahh ok. Pas de souci! Moi aussi, j'ai du mal à savoir quoi écrire pour les awards :)

  2. wow...nice...Thanks for the award.I will do well to inform you when I answer the questions:)

    1. It's a pleasure sis. Can't wait to read it

  3. Ah this is cool, basketball is cool, if only I had the height lol I hate instruction manuals too although I will say sometimes it would be better to read them lol

    1. Lol. With basketball height is not compulsory though it's definitely an advantage. Yes, at the end of it all, reading manuals is for our own good!

  4. Merci, je viens que maintenant te faire un petit coucou et te remercié et je répondrais également très prochainement!


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