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Monday, May 21, 2012

Questions We Ask : Are Regular Conditioners A Waste Of Money?


Recently, while browsing the internet & gathering some research, I stumbled across a statement that echoed a thought that had been resounding in my mind.
The whole article was not about this particular statement but was just a point inserted in one of the paragraphs however, it stuck to me & made waves in my mind. 
The question that resulted was, are regular conditioners a waste of money?

Firstly, let us not forget what conditioners are. Check out this post about conditioners.
Now that we know what a conditioner is all about and is supposed to do, these questions ensue :

- Is it necessary to condition after deep conditioning?

- Is conditioning at all a must?

The answer to the first one is no. Or rather, it depends. It depends on your regimen and what kind of deep conditioning treatment you had. If you deep conditioning treatment was moisturizing & detangling enough then why waste conditioner? 

The second question depends entirely on your hair regimen. Conditioning is a great way to moisturize & detangle but if you are already getting that from your deep conditioning treatments then conditioning becomes redundant. However, if you co-wash or don't always deep condition, then you do need a conditioner.

Personally, I do go without conditioning my hair on some wash days because my deep conditioning treatment also gives me the results I would expect from any good conditioner. Each time I have gone without conditioning, my hair hasn't suffered in any way or felt the difference because all that counts is getting the desired effects. If my deep conditioning treatment can moisturize, soften, smoothen & detangle all at once then it's okay with me. Moreover, foregoing conditioners makes wash day much faster for me.

To conclude, whether conditioners are a waste of money or not, is up to you to decide. It depends on your hair needs, lifestyle & budget. Conditioning the hair is a must but you can cut costs & save time by   only giving your hair what it really needs.

What are your conditioning habits?
What is your favorite conditioner?



  1. I only deep condition every other week. I like to add conditioner after deep conditioning because I like the smoothness I get from my conditioner and I do wash out my deep conditioner so I need the extra conditioner to get me through the next co-wash day.

    1. I agree sis, sometimes my deep conditioning treatments fail to smoothen down the hair & give an extra moisture boost in which case I will use a regular conditioner

  2. Depending on the deep conditioner, I sometimes leave a bit in my hair. I always have some sort of conditioner left in my hair. I enjoy the softness and management that the conditioner brings to my hair.

    1. I've never tried leaving deep conditioners in my hair but diluting regular conditioners as a leave in didn't really work out for my hair. I also love the instant softness and management of regular conditioners.

  3. I rarely use conditoners, it happens sometimes to wash out some residues from mask or when I need to quickly wash or do something to my hair but it has been a while. En général je m'en passe :).
    Ps : ça fait plaisir de lire à nouveau

    1. I'm beginning to do the same sis. I've found my deep conditioners to really do what regular conditioners also do so I'm beginning to save myself time by not using them. Merci d'être passé sis :)
      Comment ça lire à nouveau??

    2. Je voulais dire de te lire à nouveau, oui oui ton absence sur la blogosphère c'est fait sentir ;). Glad you're back !


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