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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Skin Care : Honey Facial Rinse


Seeking for healthy & glowing skin the natural way has numerous benefits. Not only do you get rid of excess clutter, but you save a whole lot of money. On my journey to healthy skin, I have come to realize that simplicity is beautiful. I don't have to spend a lot of money on cleansers, toners, masks and all that - most of the time - end up doing my skin more harm than good.

One of the newest additions to my skin regimen is a daily honey rinse. Just plain honey. I use it to rinse my face every morning before toning & moisturizing and that's it. Honey is very beneficial to the skin and is a must to any healthy skin care regimen. It rids the pores of their impurities, draws moisture into the pores & the skin benefits from it's antibacterial properties. It contains vitamins, antioxidants, minerals an works great against infections and reduces inflammation. It has also been known as being effective against acne. It's a simple ingredient that does wonders for the skin!

Every morning, I rinse my face firstly with very warm water to open my pores. I then gently massage about a teaspoon amount of honey into my skin. It is quickly absorbed into the skin. [You can leave it for a few minutes but] I rinse it out immediately. Leaving my skin cleansed and moisturized. After gently drying, I finish up with my toner and moisturizer.

During the short time I have been using honey as a cleanser, I have seen some changes : pimples disappearing overnight, a new sort of morning glow after using it...
Though it hasn't been long since I incorporated it in my skin regimen, I can already say this is a staple. 
Easy, very effective and really cheap!

However, I would advice you to take care in buying, if possible, raw honey ( honey that has not been heated or filtered). Heating honey partially (or totally) kills part of it's enzymes and this can deprive it of some of it's amazing benefits. Most honey found in the supermarket are not "raw" but there is no clear mark of demarcation between raw and non-raw because most honey are heated to a certain degree to make it as clear and pleasant to package & use possible. The trick is looking for honey that has some specks in it which are made up of, amongst other things, bee pollen & honey comb bits and honey that easily granulates & crystalizes. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong about using typical commercial honey for a facial rinse such as this one because according to my experience, it works such as well. 
On the other hand, if you would like to eat honey and benefit from all it's goodness, I would advice 100% raw honey.

Is honey included in your skin regimen?
 If so, how do you use it?



  1. I think I need to try this. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Me too I'll give a try. Merci pour l'info ^-^.

  3. thanks for information i use honey on my hair regimen but not on my face i will try it


  4. Thanks for the info. Funbi!Will most definitely try it out.
    Could you please explain 'toning'

    1. It's a pleasure sis! Ok, will do that in a soon coming post sis ;)

  5. I used honey as a facial cleanser last summer. It did wonders for my dry skin. I usually use Dud Osun African black soap but I may alternate the two.

    1. Both are great cleansers sis but I feel honey is more gentle and much more moisturizing. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I will be trying this soon. I have been looking for a natural face cleanser and this might just be a good way to start. Thanks for the info.


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