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- Psalms 27 : 1

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Perfect Nude Lips

My tendency to wearing lipstick only really got serious a few months ago. I would admire the bold colors on other women and never imagine me wearing such. But, on one particular day, I summed up the courage and got myself my first bold lipstick. I fell in love with it instantly & it's still my favorite lipstick to this day.
However, bold lipsticks are not a part of my everyday life & neither is make-up a daily routine for me. There are days I just feel like walking out the door just with my moisturizer on my face and other days I would only apply some eye liner. It really depends on how I'm feeling, where I'm going & what I'm going to be doing because though I like make-up, I can do without it. Nevertheless, when I do make-up, I try to stick with this motto : "less is more", especially for an everyday look. I have come to discover that with just a bit of make-up, you can really make others think you are wearing more than you actually are - you just have to know what you're doing.  For my everyday look, I normally go with a bit of eye shadow, eye liner & lip gloss or lip stick. Most of the time my make up goes off as discreet but to avoid looking dull or calling attention to the fact that I am not wearing foundation, I crown the look with a very good lip color. Since we are talking about my everyday look, my staple lipstick is the one that gives my lips that "nude" effect.
I love nude lips. Not just because it's like wearing & not wearing lipstick at the same time but because it can automatically enhance a simple look yet take it to the next level. It's amazing how just a bit of it, along with my minimal make-up can richly enhance the whole look.
For now, this combination gives me the perfect nude lips. The lipstick is palish pink but on my lips, look a bit like a mix of pale pink & brown. The gloss I use over it is also a bit brown. 

Lipstick : L.A. Girl -- Forbidden Love
Gloss : L.A. Girl Triple Enhancing Lipgloss -- Tease

What are your thoughts on nude lips?



  1. looks great! I am having a hard time finding nude lipstick due to my dark complexion...but I might have to try that one out!


    1. Thank you sis! I can really relate sis! Most so called "nude" lipsticks always make my lips look white. Nude lipsticks really do depend on one's complexion

  2. Waow it's perfect ! It looks really good.
    I haven't achieved a nude look yet don't know how to I rely on dark violet lipstick.

    1. Thank you sis!! I also love purplish lipstick :)


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